Teaching Footdrill to Cadets

Didn't you post this yesterday ??

theres only one f_cking timing you need to know


moving on the ones , standing perfectly still on the two three.

there , how's that. :roll:
armycadetinstructor said:
Does anyone know any good websites where i can print off drill commands and have the timings etc for cadet footdrill ?

Try looking in the cadet manual!!!! Also there is no such thing as cadet foot drill, all drill is the same


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Then you get the cadets who tell you that 18 year old Sergeant Instructor Jones told them you were an idiot 'cos that is not how it is done. He was a 4 star and knows everything. :D
if you've ever spent more than 5 mins in the naffi, then you'll have forgotten more than a cadet will ever need to know. Who needs timing when you're shouting!
in your training, all cadet instructors regardless of experience goes through drill lessons up to a star level,
haven't you started your course yet ? you should have been told this already.
If you need to ask the question on drill timings then you shouldn't be taking the lesson. YOU SHOULD BE THE STUDENT. I would have expected a one star to be able to tell me the timings. You sure you passed the ITC and AI course?
I cannot claim to be much good at drill myself, or good at teaching it to our cadets, but, today I took some of them to Sandhurst for the Commandants Parade )Sovereigns Parade is this Friday). We were met by a Captain resplendent in his No1 Dress complete with sword and spurs. The cadets marched to their seats and their performance got a "Well done" from him. That pleased me no end. When the Officer Cadets marched on they were simply superb. The first "Shun" command was follwed by a single very short click as 470 boots stamped down precisely together. That was followed by an audible sharp intake of breath from all the cadets around me - they were really impressed, as was I. The rest of the Parade was truly stunning to watch, and was a tribute to the NCO's who have trained them. The music provided by the Band of the Irish Guards was highly professional and wonderful to listen to.

We came away, duly humbled and aware of just how much we have to learn.
the cadet training manual has all the info needed for basic drill which is all that is needed you should have one at your detachment for the adults to refer to when you need to. if not then have a word with your training officer or oc and tell them to get a grip and order a copy for you
Get one of your adults to do the All-arms Drill Course (now open to the ACF) at Purbright. The best thing ever to happen to my county's standard of drill.

Warning though: you WILL have created a monster.
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