Teachers vote to strike this Autumn over pay

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tricky1982, Sep 7, 2012.

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  1. Being a private sector worker who hasn't had a decent rise in over 4 years, and in my current job probably won't see one for another 4, what is an acceptable payrise for teachers? Do they work harder than anyone else? My sister is a primary teacher and I know she started on around £24k a year fresh from uni which I don't think is bad at all!
    Teachers Vote For National Strike Over Pay
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  2. I haven't had a rise in 4 years and will get a whole 1% next year.
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  3. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I have come to the view that anyone who works for the tax payer should not be allowed to strike. If they don't like the TACOS then they should find another job or vote in another employer. If there are no other jobs available they should consider themselves lucky to have a job at all and get on with.
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  4. They have seen what the government have done, to the Services and Police.
    And being able to do something about it, they are taking action.
    Good luck I say.
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  5. Good luck teachers, keep the wages up for when I join the number! :D

    Hopefully better wages for teachers will come with better teachers and quicker exterminatin of sh1t teachers...
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  6. Nice to see they are just back from their 6 weeks paid holiday and then announce that they are striking over pay. They'll have to hurry or it will get in the way of their next 2 weeks paid holiday. Must be difficult to fit a strike in when you get 12 weeks paid holiday a year!
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  7. Then you will be living in a country with no teachers, no nurses, no police, no firefighters, no armed forces , no civil servants. Like Burkina Faso.

    Actually most public sector workers like the TACOS and pay they have, and the work too. What they are trying to do is protect the TACOS and pay and simply expect the government (the employer) to stick to the terms of of the original contract. Not unreasonable, is it?
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  8. That's never going to happen!
  9. We seem to be doing alright for police and armed forces at the moment and they are not allowed to strike so your answer looks rather foolish.
    Those that hold a monopoly on the service they provide, (Fire fighters, health service and teachers.) all have pay and conditions that those who cannot hold the country to ransom can only dream of, while the rest of the public workers have to get by on a pittance.
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  10. Nurses are paid crap money,
  11. That depends if keeping the status quo is affordable. The reason that we are in the crap we are at the moment is the last government throwing money at things without the requirement for those 'things' to improve proportionately. What made it worse is that most of the money they used to try and appease the public sector we didn't even have to throw.

    No all sectors are expected to improve productivity in order to sort out the deficit. It's not just teachers that are expected to do a little more with a little less. If they had done more in the lean years then we wouldn't have so many kids leaving school with a shocking grasp of even the basics of maths and english. Exam results have been going up for the last 20 years without employers noticing any such improvement of standards, in fact noticing a sharp decline and having to teach their new recruits the basics themselves. This year there was a slight drop in results and what a 'who ha' the teaching profession made!

    After 6 weeks holiday teachers will say they are hard done by and go on strike. The kids education will suffer and when the grades drop as a result, the teachers will blame the exams board. And remember they used to be a respected profession.
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  12. I hear people everyday wailing they dream of being a teacher or a nurse. People beg me to let them have my job everyday, it gets embarrassing.
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  13. Can't argue with that after the last 3 apprentices we've had in at my work, and they were supposedly the gifted students! When I left school (14 years ago) I left with a decent standard of education, it was common sense, confidence and wisdom I was lacking at that age, but the basics and work ethic gained from school were sound.
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  14. Do you work 13 hour days or even more when it comes to the yearly reports?
    Do you give one day of your weekend to planning for the following week?
    When you add all your hours up are you paid below minimum wage?
    Do you have to have to be completely conscious of everything you say and do as 30 young eyes are on you all the time?
    Do you have to deal being spat at, kicked, scratched etc?
    Do you have to walk to political tightrope of parents and governors?
    Are you constantly assessed by your superiors, governors and governing bodies (who know sweer fa)?
    Are you responsible for looking for tell-tale signs of physical, emotional and sexual abuse in youngsters?
    Do you have to work under conditions that at any point someone can make a completely false allegation against you and you could have your reputation ruined even when the allegation is found to be false.

    Maybe you guessed by my Mrs is a teacher, no I am not biased and you can think what you like but at the end of last term my mrs what as the end of her tether, she is giving it one more year to see how it goes and then after that she may well jack it in.

    They are underpaid for what they do and the time they have to give. There are perfectly good capable teachers leaving the profession every year because the government underfunds education. Should a school really have to hold fund raisers to be able to purchase books!?

    Whatever your thoughts on teachers they are standing up for their rights and really our rights, because they are still able to. Yes plenty of other sectors are underfunded and people are underpaid but that does not mean teachers should be greatful that they have a job!
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  15. Teachers, 6 weeks summer leave a minimum, were they forced into the Profession?

    Nurses*, lousy management & too much temp agency involvement.

    Rail & other TFL staff (Unions) blackmail the country & screw everyone else around.

    Police & HM Forces know their TACOS when signing up & yes moan like hell but get on with the job.

    Teachers seem to have now toppled the Firefighters from their soap box in the striking league.

    *Mrs is one
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