Teachers to stand and watch little Johnny get thumped

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smartarse, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. Linky

    An inevitable result of compensation culture?

    Don't teachers have a duty of care, something about being the legal guardians of the kids? In which case, if wee Johnny gets injured whilst a teacher stands by, won't the parents have a case for prosecuting?
  2. For fecks sake, they should man up and grow a pair, wade the feck in, and rip the tw@s apart. Get a couple of sly digs in themselves and then the expell the sub normal little cnuts for fighting. Fecking compen fecking sation!!! You liberal wnakers. No wonder the country is on its knees
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  3. If she was hit in the face such that her teeth were broken then why has the child not been arrested and subjected to the full force of the law.

    We know that if she had used any form of physical force on a pupil she would have been suspended pending disgrace and dismisal.
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  4. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Because it was a speshul skool.
  5. If I had belted a teacher in the gob at school my father would have thrashed me to within an inch of my life! Teachers should wade in to break up fights, but if this teacher's teeth have been broken in doing so I think it is only fair that he/ she should have it fixed in work time at the expense of the ejerkation authority.
    This is nothing to do with compensation culture, this is bad management.
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  6. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    depressing isn't it.

    I got in one fight ever at school....I was even winning as the PE Teacher walked round the corner. 10 seconds later both 'combatants' were seperated and dragged off to stand outside his office. Half an hour later we were given the biggest verbal dressing down I ever got in school (corporal punishment having been banned by then).

    The best bit was I got the verbal for starting the fight - the other kid got the verbal for being involved and losing the fight to a 2nd team winger (me) when he was the first team prop....put everything into perspective.

  7. I have worked at a "Special" school for autistic adults (18-35) and if these namby pamby teachers reckon they have it tough with someone who is just a bit of a bad egg and underachiever they should try a day or two in one of those places. Both female and male staff were often attacked without prejudice, having widescreen tv's thrown out of first floor windows, knives and glasses thrown, whole dining tables. These were young people with severe autism and boy when they aint happy and if you don't spot the signs initially you will soon find out the hard way. I had to personally drag one young chap off a young female carer as his teeth were sinking into her neck and he had half her hair in his hand. Not one of us ever went screaming for compo or anything as it was an occupational hazard. If you try to tell a toddler no, you will get a tantrum and maybe a few kicks, put that mental age and reasoning in an 18 year old 18 stone bloke who has not taken his medication and tell him no!!!!........ Go on I double dare ya!!! All this compensation stuff really winds me up.
  8. Mrs Baiter is currently teaching in a Speshul School. While most of the pupils have the basic knowledge of right and wrong and don't fight, you would be hard pressed to break them up when they start - mongs can be very strong and pretty determined when their blood is up.

    In a mainstream school they should be dragged apart, cuffed round the head and made to hold a piece of rough grade sandpaper to the wall using their noses only for 2 hours like I had to at school. Certainly reinforced the point.
  9. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    The other option is always the fire hose.....no physical contact, safe distance for the teacher and punishment fo r fighting included by having to spend the rest of the day in school soaking wet.

  10. How long before little Johnny's parents sue the school for not interfering if their child is injured?
  11. Yes the teacher should wade in and break it up.
    please remember...

    They have no training of any sort in dealing with this sort of thing. None at all.
    They don't have the kind of experience a soldier has had. None at all.
    They don't stand a chance when any kind of weapon is being used, as it often it. None at all.
    They know that if they get at all physical, they face investigation, and if there is a complaint from a child (and there will be) that teacher will be presumed guilty till prooved innocent.
    Frankly, I can't blame any teacher standing back and waiting till they've got help in the form of at least one more teacher. Preferably more than one, so there's plenty of witness statements to back you up.
    Particularly in a secondary school, many of the studemnts are bigger, heavier, and tougher than many of the teachers.
    I have broken up a very violent fight before now, and have had to write a detailed statement. And then sweated buckets till it was clear that I was going to be exonerated form all blame.
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  12. If the teacher was any good, he'd have used this as an opportunity for an impromptu practical lesson:-

    Physics : Conservation of momentum in inelastic collisions.
    Maths : How odds work at the bookies.
    Biology : Teeth. Could have passed his own round for the kids to look at.
    Law : Difference between common assault and GBH.
    PE : Boxing tips. How best to land that knockout blow.
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  14. Anyone stopped to ask if little johnny might deserve it?
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  15. He does, he's a wee Ned.