Teachers to go to nearest school what about pupils ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DannyDiehard, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/kent/8472541.stm

    Mind boggles. It would make sense if pupils were allocated their nearest school but that doesn't happen any more does it ?

    Our daughter walks her children to primary school about one and a half miles. The free taxi the authorities provide for the ASBO children sails past each morning. Yes the ASBO kids are picked up at their doors each morning by taxi paid for by the public purse. Hence when the ASBO kids don't feel like going to school the authorities pay for an empty taxi run and waiting time.

    Gordon Brown's Britain.
  2. ASBO kids should be borstalised... if they don't feel like going to school an dlearning, they can spend the day locked in their cells... er, I mean dormatories.

  3. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/suffolk/8473782.stm

    And when they leave school and get a curfew how about the electronic tag gets fitted. It seems authority can get a taxi laid on every day for them but cannot remember to stick a tag round an ankle as part of the curfew enforcement.


    If my information is correct this young man is currently serving time for burglary of disabled pensioners. I do hope not a situation in which he used window cleaning as his casing strategy ? Have a read of the Nimbys who are on this award body. They don't have to live near ASBO thugs.
  4. As an ex-teacher in Kent I am sorry to have to disagree with you.
    For a start it ain't Gordons fault.
    The whole thing of selecting which school you want you brat to go to goes back quite a few years, can't recall exactly when but some time in the seventies.

    In Kent we used to operate a system of teachers going to their nearest school if they could not get into their own, more distant, school. But that was years ago.

    Supposing there was heavy snow and some complete strangers rock up to the school of which you are headteacher. How are you going to know which ones are genuine teachers and which ones are local nutters. Or worse.

    Trying to organise infomal links between schools simply cannot work. Down here we often get great variation in snowfall, and great variation in school closure. You would end up with schools with far too many teachers and still have plenty with next to none. Even if you got real teachers into classroom they would not know what the children had been doiong, what they needed to be taught next, they would have no access to resources etc.

    Given staff movement as they apply for more senior posts in other schools, any prepared lists would be out of date in a couple of months.

    All in all, it is a great idea which has been tried, does not work and cannot be made to work.

    But, and here is the important thing. It still makes a good soundbite opportunity for a local politician who wants to generate some good self-publicity. She has recently got back into the Tory Cabinet running Kent County Council, and is responsible for childrens services. You may judge for yourself if she is any good - on her appointment last year a commentator in our local news media wrote " ....but this administration has a very short memory. What on earth is Sarah Hohler doing back in the cabinet? She was a disaster last time round when she she was responsible for the problems over both Canterbury Library and the Turner Centre. No doubt similar errors will be repeated."

    Still think it's a good idea?