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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Herrumph, Jan 15, 2008.

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  1. The government seems to have changed their mind about capping all public sector pay by giving teachers 2.5% or so whereas police only got 1.9%.

    I can't help wonder why. Perhaps:

    - It will take sting out of tomorrow's inevitible announcement of their own 2.9% rise

    - it could be because there are many ex-teachers on labour benches and precious few ex-policemen

    - it is because teachers will strike if not rewarded

    What odds now on a good pay-rise for Armed Forces?
  2. And the NUT see it as a 'pay cut' because it's less than the retail index rate and now want to strike!
  3. Quite right too. It's the only thing these Liabour wnakers fear and respect. The party of the people my arrse. I can only imagine the howls of anguish the likes of Skinner would have directed at a Tory gobment which attempted to cover up its own economic failure in the same way.
  4. ...it might also have something to do with the last pay settlement. That one was in two parts, the second to only happen if inflation was above a certain figure on a particular date. It was, but the government refused to keep to their part of the agreement because they expected inflation to come back down again.

    Then there was the setlement before that, and the one that removed the top two increments on the pay scale for classroom teachers. The combined effect for me when I retire in 18 months is that my pension has been chopped by about £40 per week.

    Having said all that I still fully support the call for proper pay and treatment for all of us in public service.

    STATION ANNOUNCEMENT: Would all would be passengers please step well back from the edge of the platform! High speed gravy train approaching, heading non-stop for Bigparliamentarypayrise-on-sea. All public sector workers stand well back, there's nothing much for you here.

  6. Aaaargh, that third term of a Labour Govt, deep, deep joy.

    Ed Balls was entirely unconvincing with his announcements today, least of all his claim that public sector pay increases inflation.

    Utter balls, more to do with the complete cock up his political master made at No 11. I am now looking forward to a fourth Labour term, just imagine what damage they have yet to do!!
  7. Our cover teachers would probaly be more effective....our current teachers can't control a class. Two students actually just walked off school premises uncontested by numerous teachers (who would happily jump on the better behaved students if they commited anywhere near that sort of thing).

    And our school is one of the better ones in our area.......
  8. If it seems that Mr Brown has taken a soft approach to the teachers awarding them 2.5%, then, I reckon, our pay review will be pleasing, as Brown has already hinted this year at a good deal for the Armed Services - or I could just be wrong and we get 1.9% as well, because we can't go on strike either, LOL... ;)
  9. I think the teachers will be daft to take this and I agree with the NUT - it is a pay cut phased over 3 years!

    The RPI is a far more realistic measure of inflation and that is currently 4.3% and likely to rise higher. The CPI is a Government concocted measure currently standing at 2.1%, IIRC.

    And to which one will MPs refer when calling for their own salary increase?

  10. What! They want a pay rise as well as getting more holidays than any other workers.
  11. Teachers work a ten month year, so they are somewhat overpayed in my opinion.

  12. Bit like a copper then really?
  13. mate I am always at work. For instance at the momment I am having one day off in a fornight, all cancelled +15 so no O/T. Not complaining but I don't get six weeks off in the summer either ..........

    I spent a year working along side teachers in a huge London Comp and I was not impressed with many (mainly the hangers on sorry mangers rather than people who went into class rooms)

  14. So what you're saying is that the few teachers you were "not impressed" reflect the lot? Bit like the saying the coppers that pulled up at my house the othernight "lost", with the probationary doris holding the map upside down and the old boy toying with the GPS (note: responding to a 999) are reflective of all coppers?

    Saying that, I'm sure you'll find most teachers would agree with you on Local Authority management. In many cases they earn their holidays. Would you want to look after 30 of the little angels all day?
  15. Come on, FFS Teachers only work half the year anyway, plenty of time to get a second job!

    Just because MPs are even bigger O2 thieves and corrupt to boot, doesn't justify over paying under worked teachers.