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As a teacher myself, I'm interested to find out if anyone else is a teacher and a member of the TA. I'm currently in the process of re-joining after a 7 year absence and i'm interested in how easy/difficult other teachers find it getting time off for 2 week courses. From what i see, they never run at the same time as school holidays.


I know of at least two teachers who serve as infanteers at the moment but apart from that, I cannot help you. I will pass this link onto them though :)
Yes, know one teacher, history and politics I think. He's done umpteen courses this year and accrued over 90 days, so it appears to fit in nicely with his 'day job'.

Funny thing is, he's done over 90 days and has still to do a couple of MATTs by the end of the FY!
Cheers mate,

I was looking to get back into 4 Yorks. However, they have now changed their phase 1 training. They are doing it as a 2 week intensive course followed up by the 2 week CIC. I think it's a crap idea as i for one can't get 4 weeks off in a year. It's hard enough for me to get the 2. I'm sure this will put a few people off and push them into other units still doing the weekends.

I'm now looking at either 250 Medics or 299 Para Engineers. Been to speak to them and it's my cup of tea!!


I lectured at college for three years whilst in the TA (Infantry) and never had a problem..just worked my holidays around summer camp if need be.

Having said that, I think I only needed to do that once....
Have you looked at doing summer challenge? That would fit in with school holidays.

Google it.
I have to work set term times. My time off is also unpaid which isn't an issue. It seems to vary from school to school. Some Heads are supportive others defo aren't.
devilish said:
Have you looked at doing summer challenge? That would fit in with school holidays.

Google it.
The Duchess would go ape!!! I have considered it though.

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