Teachers demand urgent drug talks


Teachers say there must be urgent talks about implementing random drug tests in England's schools - if the government is really serious about the proposal.
Prime Minister Tony Blair said in a newspaper interview that head teachers should be allowed to impose drug tests.

But the leader of the NASUWT teachers' union says questions about its legality still have to be answered.

"The principle and practice require careful consideration," said general secretary, Eamonn O'Kane.

"If it is confirmed that this is a serious proposal, I will be calling for urgent talks with the government to discuss these issues," said Mr O'Kane.
I got posted to work as a schools based police officer.

The Local Education Authority wanted all sorts of proactive anti drugs work done. However they were not prepared to admit to having any part in operations making it look as if the police had gone it alone if the sh*t hit the fan. In the end I told them to sling their hook.

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