Teachers defend 'essential' six-week summer holiday

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. "…The National Union of Teachers said that a lengthy holiday throughout July and August was needed to allow teachers and pupils to get “proper rest and recuperation”.…"

    Shame the kids get one huge reality shock when they get a job and it's two weeks.
    Must be nice living in teacher lala land.:?

    Teachers defend 'essential' six-week summer holiday - Telegraph
  2. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    I always thought it was to allow the upper classes to retire to the country for the season.

    Surely those right-on teachers would want to consign such an anachronism to the shit-heap forever more?
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  3. the 6 week holiday was originally introduced to enable those on the farms to help with the harvest. Knowing me probably wrong, and teachers never live in the real world, they live in a world all of their own where parents are a nuisance and how dare you criticise them.
  4. I always remember doing some groundwork with my machine around the back of someone's house one summer when the teacher who lived next door came out and told me to keep the noise down because he was on holiday. He got told where to go!
  5. Harvest holidays are in autumn city boy!!
  6. It was to allow peasants in rural areas to have their children help them with the harvest. Public schools only have 3 8-week terms anyway, to allow for The Season.

    Most teachers spend most of the hols actually in school doing prep and training. Before slating them for eating tofu and wearing sandals, think about what their job nowadays entails. endless box-ticking, meaningless performance indicator assessments which don't help the children and most teachers try to ignore, fear of 'guilt by accusation' if they have the unmitigated temerity to challenge inappropriate behaviour from the drooling and incontinent offspring of knuckle-dragging 'compo-philes'.

    And we begrudge them a decent break because we've chosen professions which don't offer the same remuneration package? Yeah, sounds like a valid argument.

    Sorry, can't jump on this particular outrage bus.
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  7. Soggy4978

    Soggy4978 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    At least during school holidays I can get to work in a decent amount of time without having to sit behind people driving their brats 2 minutes up the road instead of making the buggers walk.
  8. The Harvest Festival is in September, around the autumnal equinox, and celebrates the end of the season. Lughnasa, 1st August, is traditionally when harvsting starts, obviously your Jersey Royals are ready well before then, but hedgerow fruits are just coming into season, along with the main cereal crops.

    City Boy.
  9. I thought it was because it was too hot, during an British Summer, to contemplate doing any learning and or teaching.
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  10. I saw a woodcut once which showed teachers cavorting with the devil and throwing babes into a fire.

    Not really of course, the power of suggestion.
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  11. My dear chap, the boy is at boarding school during term, when the holidays arrive I shall be on the estate, or wintering in Antibes.

    Nanny will look after 'you boy'.

    I shall see him after his passing out parade, when he commissions into my old Regt. Sometime in 2023. Doesn't do to get too close what?
  12. Herding cats 52 weeks a year would kill even the hardest boathouse walt. It's a pretty uniquely tiring kind of work IMO.
  13. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    I've never known a teacher who went into work over the holidays, and begrudged the couple of inset days that got forced upon them immediately before the kids went back. Neither do they spend three hours a night planning lessons and marking books - until OFSTED come knocking, obviously.
  14. Move along, nothing to see here; been done to death before.

    I seriously doubt the majority of ARRSERs would survive an educational year in the classroom; I know I wouldnt.
  15. 6 weeks holiday- existing TACOS- disgraceful. Almost as shocking as soldiers claiming HTD and receiving subsidised housing.