Teachers call for Army school ban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cow, Jun 2, 2007.

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  1. Cow

    Cow LE

    BBC Scotland

    What does the Union expect to achive? As the forces spokesperson says, you see it on the telly everyday. The Armed Forces have more to offer than getting sent on an operation tour and getting killed but that is a possibility as op tours are part of your job. They must have very little to discuss about teaching at their conference.

    "Mr Mackay said: "Clearly there is a risk that these youngsters could end up in Iraq or Afghanistan and that would give us concerns that we are endorsing, in a way, joining the armed forces."

    And why is this such an issue? Agreed that this is a hazardous place to be but because your teacher not agreeing with you isn't going to do anything.
  2. "Colin Mackay, from the union's Edinburgh branch, said most teachers did not support careers where young people could be sent to danger zones."

    They are all liberal lefty/commie/socialist tw@ts (union reps).
  3. We cease to be amazed.
  4. Only reading the article it seems the reason is that


    Rather than the fact that it is dangerous. They have no problem with other careers which are dangerous, some more so than being a soldier.

    I am sure there are many exceptions but my experience of teachers is that they do have pacifist ideas and many seem to have got into teaching because they failed at their chosen career.
  5. I wonder if they'll advise against the oil and fishing industries?

    BTW I'm one of the union reps in our school and I'm not a "liberal lefty/commie/socialist tw@t" , although the description fits many union activists at branch and higher level!

    I'll continue to steer suitable pupils in the direction of the armed forces. I can't speak for the other state schools in our area, but we believe that serving your country is a fine and honourable profession.
  6. By the very fact that these people are motivated to get their opinions over they are equally motivated to seek union office. By and large a union does not represent the views of its grassroots members but those of the people who seek power within the union. Ergo, don't read too much into this idiot's comments as he is an extremist.

    Part of my role as a cadet instructor is talking to schools about the cadet force, negotiating the opening of school based detachments and what it offers to their pupils. I have not had any negitive responses and have had many positive comments about the army recruiting teams and how the armed forces offers a second chance to some of their more challenging pupils within a framework that offers them with the discipline and challenges that modern society fails to provide.

    In short my day to day contacts with schools on behalf of the cadet forces and the military have been very positive.
  7. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    So that cuts out the Fire Service, Police, Nursing especially in A&E, ambulance driving, taxi driver, Teaching in Inner Cities, Racing (horses, cars or bikes), Flying, or in fact anything other than being a dole-monkey and staying on your sofa!!!!
  8. I think that they will struggle to get that voted in. If teachers are the impartial advisors they are meant to be then they shouldn't be over inflicting views anyway.

    Certainly from my experience in schools the parents are more of a problem when their beloved tells them he/she wants to be a soldier..
  9. Exceptions to the rule, exceptions to the rule......
  10. Those who can, do.

    Those who can't, teach.

    Perhaps I'm being a little unfair on teachers in general, but these idiots are claiming to speak for their profession.

    I know an old doctor who has spent most of his career working for the UN in some very hairy places indeed. He has only spent a year and a half in the last twenty five in places that are not "danger zones", lived in refugee camps, patched up child soldiers and their victims, etc etc. If he were entitled to campaign medals, he would have more than any soldier I've seen. No duff. Being Dutch (generalising again) and having been in constant contact with limbless african orphans, etc, he is something of a leftie liberal.

    So, by these teacher's logic, they would ban this man from talking in their schools? Somehow, I think not.

    What then is their true motive in trying to ban Army Recruitment? It's certainly nothing to do with keeping their pupils safe. Other posters on this thread have illustrated that.

    The act of banning something implies that you do not tolerate that something. These liberal teachers are therefore behaving in an intolerant manner, and foisting their prejudices and bigotry on young minds. Something a real liberal - in the dictionary defined sense of the word - would never do.

    Ignorant hypocrites.

    Those who can, like my old doctor friend, do.

    Those who can't, like these posturing windbags, don't.

    Rant over!
  11. Far more young people will die of drugs abuse, car accidents, murder/assault, suicide or simply of heart failure in a week than will die in the Armed Forces. But no one will bother to tell them that! LIFE IS A RISK
  12. <<<I think that they will struggle to get that voted in. If teachers are the impartial advisors they are meant to be then they shouldn't be over inflicting views anyway.>>>

    Unfortunately when votes are taken they are normally taken at delegate conferences and the type of teacher who attends is normally of the McKay ilk. Does anyone actually believe that delegates at the Labour/Conservative/ Lib em etc party conferences are typical of the people who vote for that party.
  13. It's not about looking after the interests of the kids, this is all about a liberal left wing agenda and having an axe to grind against those nasty men in green.

    Lorry driving and fishing is more dangerous than being a soldier.

  14. Well done sir, a breath of common sense in this thread.

    Those who attend party conferences are not are not typical of those they claim to represent, ie us.

    Similarly, those who attend teacher's union conferences are not typical of the vast bulk of the teaching prefession.

    I have no doubt that the Army, like all the armed services, will always be welcome in my school, as they will be in most (but I admit, not all) schools.
  15. "Those that can do those that can't teach". I forget the originator of the saying, but how accurate it seems. There are some superb teachers, gifted, commited, possessed of common sense. One can, unfortunatly, count them without having to get past 10. The rest, a bunch of idle, incompetant, slothful, scruffy, unkempt hard left, wasters. And thats the better ones.