Teacher uses kids as golf targets

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sunnoficarus, Nov 19, 2011.

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  1. Pity it cant become the norm with some of the great unwashed of society kicking around the education system today
  2. Come on. We've all played 'space invaders' with recruits... haven't we?
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  3. ........... mmmmm how does that work then just for ummm interest
  4. In the Engrs we used to form up in space invaders formation, then go past the 432 with the ranger on top and then they would fire the peat mines at us, if you were hit you were out, simples!
  5. Is that school made from shipping containers?
  6. Shame he didn't use some of the little chav feckers as golf balls and hit them with a 9 iron :)
  7. I smell a new national sport.
  8. I feel sorry for the teacher, who clearly wasn't given enough training in how to restrain violent little bastards without leaving marks.

    Mind you, why on earch was he using a nine iron? Surely a driver would have been better? Or was that his definition of reasonable force? Would a wood have been excessive? Perhaps it was part of the PE curriculum - Session 1 - catching a ball...

    However, anybody who plays golf probably deserves to be in jail. For something. Tax evasion, expenses fraud. Wearing offensive clothing. Boring the pants off people.
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  9. He should let them run: They get some fitness out of it, he's less likely to knock their teeth out, and it would be more of a challenge to hit them. To be honest I've never been keen on golf so I'd probably be looking to use some sort of crossbow, maybe a ballista to introduce an historically informative element.
  10. Form up a squad in three ranks, no blank files. Any 'spares' are set aside.

    They side step three paces left and 3 paces right, whilst moving the arms up and down (elbows to be at right angles). For every step they shout 'meh' or something like that.

    Throw things at them, when hit they drop out.

    Any spares (up to three) are the bonus characters. They run on shouting 'weeehhhhaaaa'... they are the aliens.
  11. Bad show, a mashie-niblick is the preferred club.
  12. Whilst at Pirbright we had kill a crow.
  13. I thought hoofing the window lickers in the river and throwing rocks at them was inspired.
  14. I had a classics teacher who was a big fan of tennis and cricket. It was not unknown for him to gently lob a tennis ball (which he refered to as thunderbolts) at a wayward pupil in class. He didn't stay much longer after he upgraded to hurling zeus's thunderbolts (cricketballs) and shattering the window after hitting somebody squarely on the bonce.