Teacher morale 'dangerously low' suggests survey

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tuffty, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. I know a couple of teachers and they have not told me their morale is low, i mean if i got the paid holidays they get plus the additonal income from doing private teaching over the weekends and evenings oh and not to forget the golden pension after x number of years and spending the majority of the last teachers strike in the pub

    If you cant take a joke you shouldnt have joined is what i say and you can always vote with your feet (but i doubt they will move from their cushy little numbers)
  2. I work with teachers and yes they do get paid as you state, however they also have an almost insurmountable amount o red tape and paperwork to get through everyday. Saying that they are also not nearly as clever as they think they are. Most can't spell, hardly any can use excel, and almost all make things harder by trying to do things the most arduous way possible to show how clever they are rather than doing it the most obvious and easier way. They also treat anyone who isn't a teacher like shit! In short, they are cunts!

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  3. They sound a bit like squaddies, although they probably do more work in an average year than most squaddies.
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  4. Those that can,do. Those that cannot,teach.
  5. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ad infinitum!

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  6. Ah, I see you're now employed at Pitman's School of Typing.
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  7. The same pensions that the govt changed?
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  8. Costs 9k to do a PGCE now, that's how much my entire degree cost 3 years ago. I think a degree now costs something like 25k!

    Only a few years ago New Labour would pay illiterate plebs to train to become teachers, which is why we've got so many people who can't differentiate between 'your' and 'you're'.

    I was chatting to some bird who was a teacher the other day, she said she worked most weekends and through the holidays. I don't think it's that cushy anymore. When I was at school the teachers did f/a but now they're held accountable to a ton of paperwork which is just an elaborate ass covering exercise to show the govt that subject areas have been covered. When you add up the 9k and the stress it's hardly worth the hassle and money.
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  9. Teacher morale low, so are nurses, soldiers, policemen, those on the dole, Americans, Indian women, rail travellers, those who watched Jools Hollands thingy the other night, Daily Mail readers who saw The Big Quiz 2012, Ivory Coast firework fans. Yep gonna be a tough year.
  10. My brother worked in a Bank before becoming a teacher…

    Go figure. ;P
  11. My sister went straight into teaching from uni a couple of years back teaching 4-6 year olds, she started on £27k and gets all the holidays etc. Still moans about how hard she has to work as if nobody else has a job as difficult as a teacher, and how worn out she is every time its coming up to a holiday. I appreciate they do marking and planning outside of work hours, but considering they finish about 15:30 it still leaves plenty of time to get home & get it done before I've even left the office in my job, and I'm prepared to stand corrected but how hard is it marking work that 4 year olds have done? hardly GCSE physics is it? I wouldn't say morale was low though, barring the usual work place dramas that everyone gets.
  12. Aye it must be dreadful having to put up with this everyday.

  13. My missus is a teacher. She shimfs like fuck but still gets to do the square root of bugger all for months at a time. And she works hard and gives a rats arse. Furthermore this survey was done by the National Union of Teachers whose ideological enemies are in power. They aren't likely to say everything is Peachy when Labour is in power never mind the Tories.

    If the NUT hadn't churned out a conga line of Retards for the last 30 plus years they would get some sympathy. But this is a gut reaction to the Government tightening up on La La Land bullshit exam results; regional and performance related pay; and their phasing out on ideological grounds of the Comprehensive system, which has generated said retards in favour of Free Schools.
  14. My sister is the Head of a CoE school in Inner London.
    She gets long Holidays but during that time she has to plan and prepare for the upcoming term /year, arrange timetables and ensure that records are upto date for OFSTED inspections etc.
    She also has to raise funds for extra curricular activities, that parents expect the school to provide, or to carry out repairs to school property.
    She and some other staff recently did an open water 3K swim for this very purpose and raised over 10K. The training for this effort was done in their own time
    The Daily Wail like disdain for Teachers on here would be easier to accept if some posters actually knew what they were talking about.
    I can imagine the outrage on here at corduroy wearing teachers on TeacheRumourService spouting such ill informed tripe on Military matters. Then again we get enough of that on here already.
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  15. Erm whose side are you on mate