Teacher gives pupil a beating

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by flamingo, Apr 27, 2010.

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  1. Am I the only one who reads this as "Teacher loses it and little scrote gets well-deserved beating"?

    I can't help feeling sorry for the teacher, I think I'd probably do this within a week of starting.


    And the victim:


  2. Pupil winds up teacher.
    Teacher whacks pupil round the head with anything in reach.

    If the pupil was a troublemaker, let the teacher back in the classroom.

    The students will certaintly think twice about trying to disrupt his lessons in future.
  3. Meanwhile ....

    Teacher winds up pupil by talking during pupil's phone call.

    Pupil is expelled from school.

    Pupil returns and stabs teacher in face.

    Case never gets to court as CPS let pupil off with a caution.

  4. Nice outcome. Won't happen.

    Probable outcome: teacher, whether found guilty or not (he has already pleaded to GBH, denied murder) is banned from working with children / struck off teaching register.

    Scrote sues school / LEA / criminal injuries compensation board, and is also treated with kid-gloves by all other teachers as he's "speshul". Parents use this incident as an excuse for his bad behaviour for the rest of his career, rather than taking any responsibility for this, or making son realise that actions have reactions.
  5. Can't help feeling it perhaps ought to be the school or the education authority on trial. Clearly the teacher was known to be vulnerable, and that this class were likely to be bullying & tormenting him in this manner. Odd that, if you bully or torment someone elsewhere in civil life you may get arrested and prosecuted, but apparently its tolerated in the classroom....
  6. A screaming lunatic bouncing heavy objects off pupils' swedes was par for the course at my ol' school. They'll hang this poor cnut out to dry over this though. Those who 'can' teach. Those who have 'any sense' stay the fcuk away.
  7. Its a tragic case... tragic he didnt finish the little gobby cnut off!!
  8. So, either way the friggin kids win, teacher gets done for GBH, possible jail time, career over, never to work with kids again, stigmatised for life, scrote kid gets top line care and attention, big compo claim goes in and is paid, no quibble. Teacher should have made it worth while and done a better job on the trouble making young git.
  9. I did read that he dragged the pupil down the hallway and clubbed with a (albeit very light) dumbell. They were both wrong in this instance, but the pupil would have got off with a stern dressing down if the teacher had taken appropriate steps, which is wrong.
    I do think it's appropriate that the teacher looses his job however, you just shouldn't work with kids if you can loose it to that extent, though whether or not he should have been teaching is an interesting question at the same time.
  10. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Teacher = career in tatters, hefty sentence, left to fill only dead - end jobs upon release. Cannot work with children. Tarred for life. Only possible outcome under Zanu NL and in Broken Britain.
  11. wish I was on the jury!
  12. "Stuart Rafferty QC, prosecuting, said Mr Harvey was sent home from the school in December 2008 after telling an education adviser he might harm somebody.

    He returned to the classroom in April 2009."

    Hear that rumble in the distance? That is the sound of a vast Compo claim being wheeled into position.
  13. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Oh dear. He will be nailed to the wall over this then. Wonder how many of the School councillors (Board, club, whatever you call it) can be prosecuted over it too. We do love to sack people without following due process over here, don't we? All no doubt to ensure their pending and whopping Shoesmith payouts are paid out pronto!
  14. as with everything in our society we do not treat the cause, we prefer to deal with the sympton, it is less controversial and easier :x