Teacher dishing out beastings to pupils - ex-squaddie?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tired_chimp, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. The students chose the punishment for lateness and it's a sports college FFS it's not like he's beasting fatties.
  2. i need to learn to read a whole article and not be overwhelmed by a sensationalist bullshit headline.... :roll:
  3. Press up position DOWN!!!

    "Two Three Up - Two Three Down - Two Three Up - Two Three Down - Two Three Up - Two Three Down"

    All four walls.......................................................GO!!!

    Surely at a sports college this will all come out in the wash. The world is mad, but its not that mad... Yet!

  4. FFS you forgot "Three times round my lithe bronzed body go"!
  5. ...lol FLAG POLE!
  6. ..........different punishments for latecomers had been discussed by the whole class and that it was the pupils who had suggested push-ups.

    The Derby Moor Community Sports College,.......

    FFS - The pupils decide what an appropriate punishment and it is a Sports College so the answer is push ups.

    Seems like a very sensible (and mild) "punishment" for turning up late. I note that the pupils had an input into what the correct action should be.

    The role of the teacher in this case should be to ensure that the late arrival did some push ups and that the amount should be sensible.

    Note the responsible attitude of the pupils in deciding that a sanction should be applied to late arrivals and selecting a realistic sanction.

    It all makes perfect sense until the outside intervention. Obviuosly a problem with "Yuman Riites".
  7. Maybe he should have had the prefects arrest them and march them in front of the headmaster
  8. barking....society is just barking mad!!!
  9. Nah mate, Derby Moor :D
  10. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I liked this comment at the end..

    NO...the priority of a school is to ensure the students get a good education...including life skills like don't turn up late you slackers.
  11. I don't know what the fuss is about when I was at school (not very long ago) the standard punishment was early morning runs for misbehaviour. Looks like the kids have got a backbone though if they chose the punishment.
  12. Sounds like a perfectly fair punishment to me. I had to run round the school field 10 times in the girls PE kit for forgetting mine. I blame the media...
  13. Quite sad in a way.

    Pupils should be punished for bad behaviour including being unpunctual. The pupils agreed and had a say in the punishment to be meted out. Press ups are a positive punishment in that they do help improve physical fitness. It is a sports college. Doing push ups has a damned near zero admin cost to deliver.

    Yet a teacher could have his career destroyed over this?

  14. Happy to be in school ? Makes it sound like school optional and its isnt, happy or not you go.