Teacher beats pupil to death

After using a ruler to punish him, the teacher is alleged to have taken the young boy outside the classroom and hit him violently in his stomach.
What the fcuk i bet the rest of his class do their homework on time from now on! :lol:

The teacher is reported by Egyptian newspaper Al Masry Alyoum to have told the prosecutor that he was only trying to "discipline the boy, not to kill him".

Fooking glad to hear it, however a few of those in this country wouldn't go a miss at the mo.
so boy could not take a knock ? in my day........
One less suicide bomber to worry about :)
Can we hire him?
If you wallop a small child in the stomach, what do you expect? Perhaps not death, but some sort of serious injury. Houdini survived all sorts of shit, but it was a blow to the abdomen that killed him.

Teacher got carried away, I think.
I thought ritual school beatings was a perk of the job, why else become a teacher??

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