Teacher (Army veteran) Confesses to Role in Adult Film

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Virgil, May 7, 2006.

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  1. Edit: I hope this is the appropriate forum. H*ll it was news to me.

    Imagine my surprise when I found one of my former soldiers from my airborne unit at Ft Bragg in the news! Being her former squad leader for a thankfully short few months, I remember her as being one of those soldiers whose mere mention of their name caused eyerolls or outbursts of swearing from NCOs. Not only did she star in a porno AFTER she left the Army (the article omits that), she rejoined to become an MP.

    Teacher Confesses to Role in Adult Film

    She went by the 'stage' name Rikki Andersin--I'll leave that to you to google.

    Among my achievements in life I can now say I know a porn star.
  2. She became a Member of Parliament? Don't worry, that's perfectly normal for someone with that type of professional acumen. Is she Italian?

    I remember having a chat with some weasel-type USAF guy in a base bar once. He was due out of the air force and expressed a desire to get in to the adult film scene upon discharge. Anyhow, a few months later, I'm watching a Louis Theroux documentary about - funnily enough - the porn scene in the US. Who pops up? The weasely-looking guy. The only thing was, he couldn't get it up for the camera. How I laughed. :D
  3. *Edited*!, then I realized I have a cousin who could make a decent living as dominatrix. She's the mayor of my home town. :!:
  4. PTI at my old unit who appeared in Festia porn mag in the one for the ladies section pics were taken in the gym CO wasent impressed think it was a £600 quid fine
  5. We had a female Marine in the early 80's who posed for Playboys "Women of the Armed Forces" Bambi Lynn Finney, and the worst part was, she was a Sgt Majors daughter. Needless to say, that went over like a lead balloon!
  6. Did he name her that? If so he was just asking for it, I mean what else is a girl with a name like 'Bambi' to do?
  7. As far as I know, that was her real name. I saw the issue, she was flat-chested, and had ribs that looked like a xylaphone. Typical BAM. Other than that, not bad :p
  8. Well, at least it was straight filth this time around. Clearly, though, there's no place for her in the 82nd Airborne. After briefly *ahem* reviewing the titles of her work, I think she'll need to pay close attention to the following before requesting any particular posting:

  9. Who knows? She might do Sarahjane with a strap-on. Get a comission :lol:
  10. The question here is "Who grassed?" :wink:
  11. Surpringly enough she was airborne and we were just down the road from the 82d, although I don't remember her she making many jumps, she was pregnant for some of the time.

    As for her film titles let's just say the barracks rumours I heard at that time have been given a big boost in credibility.
  12. google quote :)
    So.. that biology homework miss ... :D
  13. One of our ex WO2's wife was Dr Anna St John.....now divorced but if you watch Television X etc she still pops up!!!
  14. what does she look like?
  15. CO had HIS pictures rejected and was jealous... :twisted: