Teacher and 14 tear old lad

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by clanker, Nov 1, 2011.

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  1. A religious education teacher was branded a ‘hypocrite’ by a judge yesterday after she admitted bombarding a 14-year-old pupil with sexually explicit text messages.

    Kathryn Roach, 24, left the boy in ‘no doubt of what she would like to do or what she wanted him to do to her’.

    Yesterday she narrowly escaped prison when she was handed a six-month suspended sentence after pleading guilty to inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

    Judge Steven Everett told her: ‘There is an overwhelming sense of hypocrisy - especially for a religious education teacher.

    ‘The damage you did was substantial. The texts were full of sexual innuendo inciting him to engage in sexual contact with you.’

    He said the incident had affected the boy’s exam results and that he had stopped playing football and cricket.

    Bolton Crown Court heard that Roach, who is now married, exchanged the texts with the pupil at the Thornleigh Salesian Roman Catholic High School in Astley Bridge, Bolton, after he and some friends got hold of her mobile phone and punched their numbers into it.

    She sent him 205 texts over a three-week period between March and April last year, even while on holiday in Italy, in which she described what she wanted to do to him. He replied 190 times, the court was told.

    Joseph Allman, prosecuting, said: ‘She accepts that she was inciting him to engage in sexual activity but says any activity would have been confined to kissing and touching of a limited sexual nature.’

    Mr Allman said gossip spread around the school and Roach sent the boy a text begging him to deny the rumours if questioned by teachers.

    The pupil initially denied the text exchange but eventually made a full admission and the police were called in.

    Mary McKeone, defending, said Roach was ‘deeply ashamed and extremely sorry’ for the upset she had caused the victim and his family.

    The court heard the texting began after Roach, from Croxteth, Liverpool, ended an affair with another man which she had kept secret from her fiance, now her husband.

    Judge Everett told Roach: ‘On one hand you are one who professes a strong religious base and who teaches religious education.

    ‘On the other hand you are one who was in a long-standing relationship but had an affair behind his back.

    ‘You found the break-up of that affair so stressful that you allowed it to affect your behaviour to this young boy.’

    She dont look too bad think i would have kept that quiet had i been the 14 year old lad!!!

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  2. Damn straight!

    What a gayer.
  3. An RE teacher at a Roman Catholic school caught trying to mollest a kid who'd have thought that.

    Damn beaten by Mattb

    wish she'd been my RE teacher i'd have given her some innherendo so to speak.
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  4. Dirty little grasser.

    On the other hand, her new husband may be having second thoughts.
  5. The boy had given up football and cricket, far too busy thraping himself senseless reading her texts.
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  6. I would :)

    What a puff, grassing her up, shame on him.
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  7. Wonder what would have happened to a 24 year-old male teacher trapping a 14 year-old girl?
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  8. So her other half still married her even though she'd had an affair and was trying to shag a kid?

    She must be proper dirty.
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  9. Well, I expect he'd have got his cock sucked for starters, and then he would have moved on to full penetrative sex. He may well have got his balls sucked and quite possibly engaged in rectal intercourse.

    Why, you thinking of having a crack at it yourself?
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  10. The lad probably bottled it when he caught a whiff of fox pish...
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  11. The youth of today! Ungrateful little cunts, the lot of them.
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  12. Kids today, eh?
  13. Yup, she looks propper dirty to me. RC RE teacher too, almost certainly not shy of taking it up the Garry Glitter.
  14. He even initially denied it!

    Why on Gods earth would a non-bumming lad deny that the tidy teacher is texting him how she wants to plate his anus and suck his cock till his face caved in unless he was banging it and didn't want it to end?

    Gwar or not, I'd rattle that till something fell off.
  15. I fucking wish Mrs Love my RE teacher sent filthy texts.

    SHe was a Gwar, had a gob made for sucking cock and maseeeve tts held in place by a girdle arrangement

    Spent many an evening in the bathroom with the grattons catalogue super imposing her head on girdle models in over engineered industrial underwear
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