Teacher admits killing student!


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No folks, it's not just the preserve of Magdelen Homes for Fallen Women. Religious 'training' is doing very well in Islamic circles too.


The teacher of a religious seminary in Pakistan's Punjab province has confessed to torturing a student to death, police say.

Atif, seven, was hung upside down from a ceiling fan by Maulvi Ziauddin for not memorising his Koran lessons, his fellow students told the police.

Afterwards, the teacher beat him up with a baton to stop him from crying, an eyewitness told BBC.

The autopsy report says Atif died due to physical violence and suffocation.

Human rights organisation say Pakistani children are often exposed to abuse.

'Too weak'

The police in Vehari town arrested Maulvi Ziauddin on Thursday and produced him before a court where he confessed to his role in Atif's death.

Maulvi Ziauddin told the police he had punished students in other seminaries in a similar manner in the past, but Atif proved too weak to withstand it, Inspector Mohammad Afzal of Vehari police told the BBC.

The Maulana said he left Atif hanging from the fan for half an hour on Wednesday.

Mohammad Amir
Amir was witness to the assault on his cousin, Atif

He told the police he tried all night to bring Atif back to consciousness, but failed.
According to the article in theTorygraph this morning the poor little fecker was having difficulty in memorising the Koran because he was blind.

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