teach me about the light dragoons!

Discussion in 'RAC' started by luke, Nov 15, 2004.

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  1. any serving or ex-serving soldier whos been in or had anything to do with the light dragoons, post your experiences of/with them!!

    (am currently in the enlistment process, with light dragoons as my preferred destination!)
  2. I used to work with an LD Maj (LE), he was absolutley barking. We were having some new offices built next to our temporary portacabin - he went in and wrote his name in the wet concrete - there for all eternity " Lou LD" :lol:
  3. I read that link and felt a right old git

    They were the 13/18th and the 15/19th when I wen tthrough Bovington...

    Is it time to smoke a pipe and piss on my slippers?
  4. Time has flown since amalgamation but thankfully the regt is still full of geordies and yorkshiremen :wink:
  5. At least they got rid of the milkmans hats that the Doncaster dropouts wore :D
  6. Furrrk off, you never stopped to be able to start again!
  7. That site is all I've read about them, as well as a bit from a bloke at the army recruitment place

    It's all very well having the corporate, faceless website's side of the story, but I'd like the point of view of ppl who've been there and done that with the dragoons ;)
  8. Fire away then :lol:
  9. As per the priv message (may as well post it here too), when I went to the army recruitment office, I explained I had an interest in working with armour, as well as signals and infantry, and it was suggested I try the dragoons, would you consider this a good suggestion?

    I had both the Grenadier Guards and Dragoons in mind, but I'm swaying towards the Dragoons now :)
  10. luke where in the uk are you from?

    would deffo go RAC rather than infantry (and thats from an ex REME chappie) u say u have an interest in armour, i will probally get chastised here by the LD chaps but they dont really have armour in the real sense. baby tanks u might call them. how about a challenger regt? then you get to see the mighty CRARRV in all it glory too!! :p
  11. Ahh but the Recce Cav is where it all is these days good fellow, look at the reroles and let's face it if you want to sit far away from your enemy and shoot at them you may as well go Artillery. :twisted:
  12. [​IMG]

    Reconnaissance troops (or 'recce' as they are more commonly known) are an essential element in the gathering of battlefield intelligence. You will be trained in the art of information gathering by stealth, both from vehicles and on foot. Your team is one of the few assets available to commanders that can provide information 24 hour a day in all weather conditions.

    As a recce soldier you will normally work in a troop of 12 men and can be expected to spend long periods of time self-contained and on occasions behind enemy lines. Patience, nerve and cunning are essential characteristics of the recce soldier. The information you gather will help the commander decide what forces are needed to defeat the enemy.

    You will be mounted on the Scimitar reconnaissance vehicle which has specialist observation equipment as well as a 30mm cannon. You may also help crew the Striker anti-tank guided weapons vehicle providing overwatch protection to the Scimitar troops. However, as a recce soldier you are likely to spend as much time on the ground patrolling or hiding up in an observation position as on your vehicle.

    The Light Dragoons is a Formation Reconnaissance regiment equipped with a range of highly mobile light armoured vehicles. These include Scimitar, Striker, Spartan and Sultan Combat Vehicles. The vehicles are fitted with specialist observation equipment, a 30mm automatic canon and powerful diesel engines. The firepower and mobility of the vehicles allow highly trained reconnaissance soldiers to conduct their primary task of locating the enemy and raiding key enemy targets. In war you could find yourself deep behind enemy lines scouting for information or calling in fighter jets to destroy key enemy targets. In peace time you may well find yourself peacekeeping on the streets of Iraq or Bosnia.

    I can put you in touch with some lads for the ground truth picture but recce is the way forward for the Armoured Corps.

    You get a proper structured career, promotion and lots of courses etc etc. Recce is becoming far more interesting as the cutting edge of technology is being focused into it and it will be one of the few areas of growth in the Armed Forces that now demand light deployable and flexible troops.

  13. I'm from Bristol (south west, Somerset), unfortunately a million miles away from North Yorkshire!

    I was gonna go for 2nd tank regiment based in Dorset, but I'm 6 foot 3 and was advised a Challenger would be a bit cramped :D but a scimitar would be a bit more comfy

    edit: and thanks for that all info ozgerbobble!
  14. Cyberspace borne recruiting Sergeants, I like it!

    Did the chap starting the thread say whether he was going in as a soldier or an officer?