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Teach me about Buffalo shirt

Have been wearing layers recently - merino wool base layer, ussen top and jumper and they don't geel as comfortable as warm as the buffalo. It goes back on tomorrow.

I love it, like I say, only problem is it being too warm at times. A helly worn underneath actually makes it colder, a helly and a montane featherlite are perfect to put on if getting too warm. They weigh nothing as well.
Good piece of kit for the colder months, I prefer to use the techlite shirt as I get warm quickly. If I go static and it is very cold I put the belay jacket on over it.

I also get very warm very quickly, which is why I am weighing up whether a Super 6 will work. Is the techlite shirt lined?
What's that in decimal currency ?

I have both; from memory the Buffalo is around £130, the Montane around £100 which also includes a pretty substantial fleecy lined / velcro attached adjustable hood for which Buffalo charge ( I think) around £30.

Also has attachments for idiot mitts so you don't lose your gloves, and a detachable crotch strap; its reinforced between the elbow and the wrist...


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For the money the Montane is a great bit of kit what with the hood, pockets zips and reinforcements etc but I do find mine a bit hot and heavy compared to the Buffalo. Not used a techlite but practically live in a similar item with the thin wicking liner in all but proper cold, great when you're working hard but not too hot even in summer if there's a bit of a breeze etc. Between the pile and that, I rarely need anything else.
Not that it stops me having all manner of kit.
I am not snugpack user, but have used Buffalo stuff for about 12 years. My first was the hoodie type over the head, the second has a full zip up front. I also have the buffalo trousers I got 12 years ago, so two tops and one trousers, 12 years, OK they have not been ragged but all is still wearable and still being used. The only advantage snug pack has is it packs smaller and is lighter. BUT I have worn the the buffalo trousers and shirt as a sleeping bag and never felt the cold.

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