Teabagger = Paultard

Discussion in 'US' started by alib, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. On 538
    Doubtful myseff. Some overlap perhaps?
  2. People have a right to protest of course, but I always wonder why those so concerned about their tax money (damn all - going to help those who don't deserve it - that is what this is truly about) never protested W. Bush's extraordinary wastefulness - first the unnecessary war in Iraq - then in bailing out the banks!
  3. Truther=Paultard=Birther
  4. "You lie!"
    Urban dictionary has this:
    ...you may have a point.
  5. Unfortunately, I know one. The Father of a Bro I was in Baghdad with, is absolutely berserk.

    He might as well have a heart Tattoo with Ron on it
    He is a Govt did 9-11 nutter
    He believes Obama(who I personally think is a Closet Commie) was actually born in Kenya
    And, as you've pointed out, refuses to understand the corallation between Paul being Stormfronts dreamgirl candidate and some of his earlier writings being quite racist.

    And as a Special Bonus

    UFO believer
    Hitler/Bormann/Mengele live in Paraguay under CIA protection
    Flouridated Water is Killing Millions
    says 100,000 G.I.'s are dead in Iraq and the Gov is hiding that number.

    Small Wonder the Son likes to drink heavily
  6. I have several clinically interesting chums myself. There is a lot of crazy out there.