Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DUSTY1979, May 11, 2008.

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  1. Okay this may sound strange, and it is some what a shot in the dark!

    Couple of my forces mates say there are different nick names to how you like your tea. Just wondering could you lads make a list of em!

    Eg. White Nun. Milk 1 sugar?

    Nice one lads, cheers.
  2. NATO standard - milk and two sugars.
  3. This is an old one and I don't know if it's used any more, but "Jewish" was no milk and no sugar. No idea about the etymology of the term, though.

  4. I always though that "Tea, UN" or "Tea, Julie Andrews" was white, no sugar but no idea why.
  5. No sugar, surely? As in white, none.
  6. Putrid when lemon is added instead of milk.
  7. Julie Andrews= White nun [none] (Milk, no sugar)......as in she was a nun in the sound of music.
    Whoopee Goldberg= Black nun (No milk, no sugar)......as in she was a nun in Sister Act.
  8. Mines the same but its got to be coffee, i don't do tea.

    But quote dates back to at least the '60s.
  9. Yeah. White, one lump is Adolf Hitler.
  10. When I was in Astrakhan (not exactly a desert, but close) locals explained that drinking tea without milk and sugar is the best way to quench your thirst, while water will make your body swell and milky sweet tea will make you want to drink more. Maybe "Jewish"="Israel"=same local tradition?
    Just a guess...

  11. Or maybe 'jewish' as in stingy git not wanting milk and sugar? Thats what I read into it anyway.
  12. You might be right. :D
  13. You might have something there, Domovoy. In our unit, only three of us drank Rosy without milk or sugar; me and the other two actually were Jews (Benny and Doffs).

  14. This is all starting to sound a bit...anti-semitic.