Just having a look through the BBC website and found a very interesting story concerning tea drinking ... they say its good for you. :)

Brilliant news for me because I live on the stuff :p

Will post the link if I can find it again.

Your views ... do you like tea as much as me??
The British Empire was made on cups of tea - and look what happened to that!! Just messing, i love the stuff, nothing beats a good cup of tea. Morning, afternoon, evening, nightime. Its brilliant, I agree with the other lad coffees for continentals and posh queers and yanks. Tea is what keeps Britain british, that and watching 22 fools run around after a ball :p Think i might just go make myself a nice cup of tea right now. Brilliant news that its good for you!!!!!
Is there a "Tea appreciation society" if so im in.... :wink:

Found this..mmmm


Awefully British

http://www.planetroasters.com/faqspics/Tea Traditions.html


British tea drinking 'on the wane'
Britons drink more tea than almost anyone else
The traditional British love affair with tea is on the wane, according to research.
Sales of tea bags have fallen by about 10% over the last five years, although the average Briton still manages to drink 1,000 cups a year.

And the average Squaddie drinks that in a week...
RogerOut! said:
I spend a lot of time overseas currently and SWMBO regularly sends me little parcels from Betty's of Harrogate.

If you have never heard of Betty's you are missing out.

These little treats (particularly the tea within) makes home seem a little bit closer.

Top Shout Rogerout,

Im off to the Falklands come November for a 4 month tour, and these sure would come in handy and tasty for a brit far from home.

Will brief Miss Devil on the current situation and get her to recce said establisment.

De-brief to follow successful recce.

Roger out.... :lol:

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