Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Fishsoxs, Aug 25, 2006.

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  1. Just having a look through the BBC website and found a very interesting story concerning tea drinking ... they say its good for you. :)

    Brilliant news for me because I live on the stuff :p

    Will post the link if I can find it again.

    Your views ... do you like tea as much as me??
  2. Tea may be better than water but a Single malt wins every time.
  3. So very true ... Glenfiddich :lol:
  4. Tea is what makes Britain great. Coffee is for continental faggots.
  5. Tea backwards is EAT....

    now thats interesting

  6. I agree, Well done Sir
  7. I agree too. But wasn't tea brought over from India during the Colonial days? If so, what made Britain great before then? :?:
  8. Pies.

  9. Ok I'll fall for the WAAAAH!!!

    TEA backwards is AET.....

    Now that's uninteresting


  10. The British Empire was made on cups of tea - and look what happened to that!! Just messing, i love the stuff, nothing beats a good cup of tea. Morning, afternoon, evening, nightime. Its brilliant, I agree with the other lad coffees for continentals and posh queers and yanks. Tea is what keeps Britain british, that and watching 22 fools run around after a ball :p Think i might just go make myself a nice cup of tea right now. Brilliant news that its good for you!!!!!
  11. Just had one. M&S Pure Assam with 3 Rich Teas. Lovely.
  12. Tetley's with 2 :p yum!!
  13. Im more of an English Breakfast (Twinings) kinda guy, Nato of course, but recently have taken a likeing to Earl Grey by Twinings also..... :wink:

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  14. OOOhhhh - I loves me tea :D