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When you catch him be sure to expose him after you have filled him in and stomped on his knackers
Or swiping the Murray mints from aircrew rations :D
I found out yesterday, pikey losers :evil: :evil: :evil:
They deserve to be stabbed in the throat !
Besides it's annoying having the RPs search your car everytime you leave the Station :(

I am currently typing this on my slightly warm laptop.......
I think 3 has a long and dishonourable history of this. Seem to remember a certain Mick J*y being bounced for "borrowing" a guys cashpoint card and withdrawing all of his savings whilst he was on exercise, mobiles being nicked from Wattashame, post and parcels disappearing from RHQ, pictures being nicked off the squadron line walls, mass theft of kit from drying rooms, rampant fuel theft from MT (honest gov, I used to pay for all of my petrol :D ) and a long long list of other "discrepancies".

Totally sympathise with the wish to kill the perpetrator. I remember having my room torn apart by the RMP after the cashcard incident (upon which they found an air pistol :( and decided to charge me, but as I was off to Granby 3 days later they left it to the RP Sgt, Stan Reid, who asked for a 50 DM bribe which I gave him, but he died 6 months later from a heart attack so that was OK :D ) and was also ripped to shreds when a set of Bino's disappeared out of the RHQ post just because I happened to be DD on that day delivering the mail to the squadron lines. Not fcuking nice and not fcuking funny :x

Maybe 3 are just the Corps equivalent of the Kings :D
PS, if you do catch him, I recommend shutting his head in the HAS doors. Nick a rover from MT, take him down to the HAS one night at dark o’clock, slam his head in the door, leave the body there and then swear blind that he had been talking about "beating the doors" for days before the apparent "accident"

It'll work as long as two things haven't changed since I was there

1. The CCTV system should still be as much use as a chocolate teapot.

2. The "safety" mods that were promised 10 years ago on the HAS doors should not have been carried out (i.e. you could press the "close" button once and then let it go and the doors would carry on closing until they were completely shut)

In the interests of justice, this message will self destruct in 15 seconds in order to protect the plan. Maybe.
Same in Hilders mid 80's. One bloke whose name must remain secret for legal reasons (AND COS THE RMP FANNIED AROUND), got away with nicking the Air crew rations money box from 661. A pilot called Pete who happened to find the scene of the break in was arrested. Luckily cos the RMP screwed up he was released. The purportrator was by this time laughing all the way to the next theft. Pete never got an appology and felt more than hard done by. And rightly so.

If you get the TW*T give him a good kicking then peel his skin with a potato peeler and roll him in salt and chili powder. 240 volt his teds and them drill holes through his teeth and fill the holes with icing sugar.

The RMP will only screw it up so do it yourself.
Whats been nicked then?

We can only assume that its a laptop from the singly accomodation, anymore info?
Slavetothegrind said:
mighty_doh-nut said:
Whats been nicked then?

We can only assume that its a laptop from the singly accomodation, anymore info?
Try 5 laptops. From offices, and other items - need I say more.
Bloody hell, times they are a changin.....laptops, fcuk me.......we had an ex-RAF Reg bod join us back in 1985, stuff started walking shortly after he arrived and while we were on a Coy ex this cnut was caught flogging kit at Brize or Lynam by the RAF Police........charged and never seen again, just as well really he would have been in hospital if he had been sent back :evil:

That said...........proffed some kit from the spams and Norgies in the past :lol: more a kind of liberation don't cha think :D

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