Tea Drinking American looking for suggestions

Might be hard to find some of the things you may suggest but I couldn't think of a better place to ask for tea suggestions.

So far I have my favorites; Earl Grey from Bigelow, Oolong, Twinings Prince of Wales tea (which I'm drinking this moment, and I just tried some Lapsang Souchong, which is not for me.

Anyone have suggestions?
twinnings do a good range of teas. try their breakfast tea pretty good although earl grey is my particular favourite.
Put the milk in before the hot water.

Stir 5 times, clockwise.

don'tuse tea bags, turn the pot before pouring.
Plant-Pilot said:
Nowt wrong with a good cup of PG Tips :)
PG Tips Pyramids I presume? :D
As long as you add either baileys or Brandy to it who cares.

Yorkshire teas and Rintens tea are a good brew though but not that exotic.

ps with the recent floods dont try the Yorkshire water especially if you see a chocolate log in your cup.
wheelchairwarrier said:
Bostoian ??

Lower Merion, Pa Welshman I'm afraid.
The better quality tea is generally sold loose, rather than in a bag.

Personally I prefer African (Kenyan) to Asian teas.

But whatever you do, don't add lemon.

crazywilly said:
twinnings do a good range of teas. try their breakfast tea pretty good although earl grey is my particular favourite.
Indeed they do. However I tend to prefer the Bigalow over the Twinings, I think the sealed foil makes for a stronger flavored tea. I think I've tried just about every kind they make; Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Darjeeling, Constant comment (Kind of orange spice w/ Pekoe, and Chai.


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Look, no good asking for help here! Last time we gave you a decent tea, you slung it into Boston Harbour.

Try Chinese Pale Yellow, only available from specialist shops. Delicate and soft, with a citrus hint and a smoky texture.

Not that I drink owt but guardroom tea, obviously!


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The only way to drink tea is to use the GUNFIRE recipe.

1 x Norge container full of well stewed tea
3 x tins of condensed milk (per container)
1 x kilo sugar (optional if on a diet)
2 x bottles of whisky per container (what a fecking waste of good whisky - subsitute with rum - no-one will notice 8) )
1 x Sarn't Major being nice and smiley (believe that if you wish)
1 x black plastic mug from the top of the water bottle (OK I am talking about 58 pattern eqpt :oops: ) to dispense said gunfire into.

The only way to drink that fecking awful brew called tea.
Try Whittards. A good selection of coffees as well. White Pearl is very delicate if you're into tea-drinking oriental style, but if it's good strong milk and two sugar stuff you're after their Assams are hard to beat.
Twinings Pure Fennel (great for the tum, the morning after a Ladypool Rd balti) Or Twinings Honey, Camomile and Vanilla. Great for a lazy get like me - pop the bag in, hot water, presto.

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