TEA drink of Champions

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Greengrass, Jun 16, 2005.

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  1. A while back there was a thread singing the virtues of the mighty egg banjo I feel that now is the time to praise the perfect nay only beverage which is fit to accompany that meal of the gods TEA!!!!!
    Hot wet and very sweet like a well groomed fanny tea is the soldier’s friend in a time of need. Either sipped in the office while avoiding work or quaffed under a poncho while the rain beats down no other drink will ever come close. For what it worth I feel that PG tips make the best cup but Typhoon also produce respectable effort.
  2. At the risk of being pinged because of my tea habits, I love Earl grey with my egg banjo. MMmmmm, put the kettle on.
  3. I have taken a liking to 'Yorkshire tea' an excellent brew, that tastes all the better when made in a pot, even bring it back with me from leave to make sure i have a plentiful supply, if it is to be made in the cup then PG it is. :D :D
  4. I have been converted to PG Tips via the mister.

    He and I do both enjoy a strong, quality cup of coffee — I suppose I'll never really be able to break the habit, and it's a quicker injection of caffeine in the morning.

    But for all-around flavor, scent and definitely impact on one's health, PG Tips with real milk and sugar has it all going on. I'll happily drink it all day to make up for the lack of turbo-boost.

    I'm also into yerba mate (rich smoky flavor plus energy boost) and rooibos tea, but maybe that's because I'm one of them Californee types. :)
  5. A nice cup of piping hot black tea swimming in sugar is the perfect complement to the egg banjo.

    Most of the time I drink my tea "straight" - no milk, no sugar, just hot water with a tea bag. It saves so much hassle with milk going off etc and doesn't make you fat!
  6. It goes without saying that hot black sweet tea tastes best from the black plastic half-pint mug with the little metal handles...mmm!
  7. No milk you fecking weirdo. You do have point about the black mug though. Even better is the crow who has recently purchased a metal mug and has forgotten that hot liquid heats up said item and is now suffering from third degree burns on the lips.
  8. It comes from cows' t!ts - how weird is that?!?! 8O
  9. Its about as weird as drinking boiling water poured on dried leaves

  10. Quicker than what?
  11. But there is apparently a difference between southern puff tea and northern normal tea. What is the deal there?

    English Breakfast tea for me or Yorkshire tea. With lots of sugar. Southern shandy drinking puffs - I s hit em!!!
  12. If you are depending on Pusser's vittles or ratpacks, it has to be tea. The coffee that pusser supplies is like rat-poison. (Except for the big tins of Gold-Blend that the caterer has stashed away, that are the standard unit of currency for bribing dockyard workers..)
  13. RTFQ


    I often hang around Tea shops like a be-mackintoshed, sweaty old man in a Hamburg sex shop. Darjeeling is the "Oma" (grandmother) porn of Teas, you shouldn't like it, but you do. Earl grey is the ultimate Private Deluxe Gold Collection, especially on exercise (shouldn't really be taken with milk that one, but 'apparently' I'm not supposed to make love with my ECW keks ties round my neck and attached to the spinning ceiling fan - each to their own). PG Tips/Yorkshire are the Rocco collection, no thrills, rough as guts, a properly wholesome and utterly satisfying experience, whilst Naafi Tea is the Amateur British video tucked away in the back - if done properly it is exquisite AND patriotic, if done badly it leaves a foul taste in your mouth and will ruin the whole banjo experience.
  14. Lapsang Souchong isn't an anagram of Soaking Fag-ash, it just tastes similar.
  15. I actually leave the tea bag in the mug whilst drinking tea. I love a strong cupper. I like Earl Gray but my favorite tipple is PG Tips with lashings of toast and a copy of the Times on a Sunday morning!

    Edit due to Gunny typing and looking at a woman's tits at the same time.