Tea break v ciggy break

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Brew_Time, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. A friend of mine works in a environment of about another 30 bods, some smoke and inhale that toxic waste but he dosen't. What he can't understand is why smokers are entitled to more breaks than non-smokers. If he went for a tea break everytime someone went for an unofficial smoke break he'd be in front the boss having interviews without coffee.

    Does anyone else have the problems of smokers having more breaks.

    BT. :frustrated:
  2. As a smoker, even I find this wrong, we all have the same break times as everyone else where I work, just smokers have to go outside, no shelters provided, I dont have a problem with it!
  3. Have you clocked how long the dorii tend to spend in the shit-house? Also, just generally sat around doing feck all except discussing Corrie or some other shite. :pissedoff:

    Ok, i may pop outside for a quick fag every now and again, but it doesn't take THAT fcuking long... especially if you smoke like a proper squaddie :thumright:
  4. Don't you mean interviews without tea?

    Personally I think his best bet is to have a wnak break instead, it's healthier, more fun, you don't have to stand outside in the rain to do it, and it only gives you bad breath if you're really unlucky/aiming the wrong way.

  5. Also, it's an activity that the whole office can enjoy together.
  6. Used to work in a similar environment myself, and used to take 'virtual' smoking breaks, stood by the smoking shelter in the fresh air with those candy sticks, until someone complained that I was taking the piss.....

    Was then told to stop it, and that smoking was an addiction that smokers cant help....Was almost shown the door when i asked for a private room with a lockable door and some 'jazz' materials, as I was addicted to sex.....

  7. You mean those that take proper VDU breaks and return refreshed (why are army lessons 40 mins?, how long can you concentrate without a break), do plenty of exercise (300m per fag x 10 = 3k, smoke more than that and they'll be doing a CFT every day - it'll work wonders for fitness).

    Plus not forgetting the information interchange, if my employer didn't have smokers other departments wouldn't know about free software for managing developments, recommended bandwidth for certain applications, why Rob was sacked, etc, etc.

    So the army should recommend smoking, they should make improvements to encourage it, such as Internet/intranet access at smoking points, health suggestions such as carrying extra weight (e.g. slab of wife beater) whilst walking to fag area.
  8. I'm a bad tempered bastard at work, so no-one minds how often I bugger off for a smoke. Give that a go.
  9. They go for a fag break so i go for a fresh air break boss can't complain as he is stood there having a fag as well
  10. No-one on my team at work smokes, so we're more than welcome to go and grab a coffee/tea/breakfast bap or whatever as long as we don't take the piss. They also don't like smokers going for a fag for 10 minutes every hour - they say you can have two 5 minute breaks for a fag/coffe/tea in the morning and afternoon.
  11. Social,

    I have 3 of these in my workplace, longest time chatting without doing work = 3hrs 40mins, and the fcuking line manager lets them get away with it.
  12. My first civvy employer had a simple solution. We worked Flexi-time and so you could go for as many fag breaks as you liked as long as you clocked out first and then clocked back in after your smoke. Getting caught smoking while clocked in was classed as stealing and was a sackable offence.
  13. :threaten: Here pal, If you non smokers didn't whinge about us smoking in offices years ago we wouldn't have this problem and we would have the same breaks. Loads of non smokers come outside to see what we're all having such a laugh about (smoking really good fun and hard). Bah back to "life on mars" that what I say. Excuse me while I go outside a cough my lungs up.
  14. Because we smokers are much more cleverer than our non smoking counterparts, and can do our work in half the time and to a much better standard.

  15. Oh the irony...smoking causes a lack of oxygen to the brain (proves Moody) :)