Tea and Toast

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by dpm_mirkin, Jun 29, 2006.

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  1. Recently in my Regt I've noticed a rise in the number of seniors attending tea and toast. Having previously been in a job where I couldn't attend, I now try and go whenever I can. The amount of issues and problems that got sorted out over t and t was amazing.

    Is it still going strong in other Corps/Regts?
  2. Regrettfully not. No time for all that good stuff!
  3. A time honoured tradition that should continue. Although I am aware that since the implementation of "Facilities Management" companies (Sodithexo etc) Some messes have been forced to "pay" for the toast, which all got a little bit petty. I remember in NI having to "sign in" and anotate how many pieces of toast I had. Its all fecking bollox!

    Tea and Toast should be supported by the Mess, for the Mess! It is a great tradition and a great way to get SNCOs from different organisations to "sort things out"!

    If only the Orificers Mess would follow suit.....
  4. T&T was well supported in Middle Wallop right up to the introduction of pay as you starve and for some reason or other attendance dropped. Something about cost rising from £1 per month to 20p per day. Strange that!
  5. Although we don't go to the Mess to have Tea and Toast in my unit, we have it religiously it our Offr & Seniors club every day. Long may it continue as it's the only time I can get hold of anyone. Infact, I can feel a couple of slices coming on in 20 mins.
  6. I relate this to the question sometimes asked "Why have a (Sergeants')(Officers') Mess at all?" What is seemingly termed T & T was a regular feature of sitting around the dining table long after dinner was finished when the drama of the day would be post-mortemed. This was not deemed to be shop talk which was stamped upon. This must have been one of the features that led crusty old colonels to repeat the adage that the Sergeants' Mess was the heart of the British Army.
    And, yes, I am an old, out of touch bloody relic!
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I remember it back in the mists of time, then Sod-hexho rocked up and it became like a secret T&T club held in the QM's. Like Prohibition.

    As stated the Unit's problems got sorted before they became a problem and negated the use of the dreaded memo!
  8. A couple of slices!!!! Not like you McNato......
  9. Your right, 4 slices today cos I got up early for PT. If thats what you call throwing a discus around for 40 mins :oops:
  10. when you say "early" you mean 09.00 and when you say "discus" you mean your last CR! who you trying to kids Nato!
  11. Ah MMS, lingering like a bad smell :D

    If only you had a job that allowed you to mingle at T&T. Sadly sweeping up diesel spills and trying to keep your civvies in a wardrobe longer than a week, takes up all your time :wink:
  12. ours is a small unit and because of differing levals of workload, we don't have tea and toast. we do however have a combined mess so we dine with the officers, JOY!!
  13. Tea and loaf going strong at our place.
  14. currently serving with an RAF unit, no T&T here (the weeners).
    cant wait until sept when posted back to the REal world of hour long T&T breaks,
    got to be there before 10 to get warm toast and hot tea and you cant leave until its at least 1030 !!