TDi vs normal aspirated

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by comedy dave, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. Mrs CD is planning to chop a citroen Picasso for a vw golf sdi 2.0 .

    Never owned a n/a diesel .

    Pros / cons of n/a diesel engine?

    Does bigger displacement offset the smaller turbo engines?
  2. Bugger all power in the higher revs, more bottom end torque.
  3. Going from Citreon to VW is a wise move , turbo diesels tend to be 30 +% more powerful than N/As , n/a engines last longer generally as they dont get so hot under load ,less to go wrong as well , personally I preferred my 4.2 n/a Patrol to a 2.5 Disco Tdi .
  4. Just moving on from a Citroen is enough.
  5. Shite cars but good Diesel engines.
  6. New or 2nd hand ?

    If you're doing less than 16k miles per year, the petrol usually works out cheaper in the long run, Also, if the diesel is used for a lot of short'ish journeys, then the particulate filter (if there is one) will get shagged.

    Check out Honest John's column in the online Telegraph - lots of stuff on diesel vs petrol on there. Also check the reviews on Parkers to see if any existing owners have had probs with the Golf
  7. A turbocharged diesel engine will always be more thermally efficient (i.e. a greater percentage of the energy in the fuel is converted into motive power) due to a more efficient and complete combustion process. The turbocharged diesel version of the VW produces more power, less CO2 and has a better “official” mpg figure, unsurprisingly for a more powerful engine working less hard and more efficiently. There are other potential problems. The lower operating temperature of a NA engine means that the catalytic converter or CRT takes longer to “light up” on cold-start making the emissions dirtier on short journeys. Some modern oils are actually too slippery for a NA diesel and their use can result in bore glazing on a new engine; VW insist on a “lower” spec oil. Not a problem with main dealer servicing but could make top-up an issue. Personally, I can see little point in opting for a less efficient engine rather than driving a more efficient one more efficiently.