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Can anyone recommend where I could get my mits on a second hand TD5 for my Disco? Have had a new turbo fitted to mine to be told that the head gasket needs replacing or the piston rings may be going on at least one of the pistons, possibly more...

Would a second-hand one be a better option than a re-con? I'll be the first to admit that I'm well out of my comfort zone on this one and would really appreciate some honest advice from a Tiffy!



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Depends on year of manufacturer and are you doing the work yourself or using a garage?

If it is a late model, recond motor will stand you in about £2k for the motor only. This means you / your mechanic need to strip off starter motor, alternator, pumps etc then re-fit to the recond motor. A mechanic will charge for this & that cost needs to be added to the cost of the recond motor.

These guys get good feedback on Landy forums...

Reconditioned, replacement Land Rover Engines for Discovery, Range Rover, Freelander including 300TDI, TD5, TD4, V8, turbo diesel and petrol. 1958 to date.


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And this seems like a cracking deal. They collect your car and either repair or fit a recond engine for a flat £2k regardless of the state of your engine (and from the sound of your problem you'll be getting a recond job).


If your car is an old model and not worth spending £2k on, I've had second hand gearbox, transfer box and front axle off eBay with no problems. Just change the oil as soon as you get it. Engines are around £500+

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Lots of companies out there offering replacement engines. You can even buy brand new engines if you have the cash.

Get onto Landrovernet and ask around, you should get plenty of recommendations.

Might be worth buying a donor Disco and using the engine from that and keeping the rest for spares?

Local lad had his TD5 reworked by Twisted Performance. They know TD5's inside out. A wee bit more expensive, but peace of mind in that they check everything, not just the obvious issues. He also had new intercooler etc fitted and the thing shifts like sh!t of a shovel.
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