TCH's opinion in the Torygraph

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Dec 7, 2004.

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  2. There may be those who believe that these changes are not entirely Treasury driven, and that TCH does not tell lies. I am not among those people. The Chiefs of Staff may not be among those people, but do not wish to retire early. More importantly, I do not believe serving soldiers are among those people.
  3. Thats because he is a slimy back stabbing tossing f**ckwit law**r, who has no idea about what unit cohesion and esprit de corps is.

    The epitomy of Neu Arbiet Cool Britanyer Sh**te. Sentiment my A**se. I'll F**cking sentiment him the gonadless greaseball.

    I have never read such a spineless ignorant statement from a so called SecDef. :roll:
  4. So why are Fusiliers, who this member is describing, being threatened with the axe?
  5. Ultimately, how, against the laws of nature, do you get more people available out of Army by reducing its manpower?

    Doesn't add up. His discussion is basically what he (or a "Consultant") wrote for the Scotsman a while back. It does not address any of the major concerns or queries raised. Peace dividend!

    Modernisation is good - where appropriate. Investment in new kit and equipment is great - pissing money away on dead or useless projects...

    FRES - well seeing will be believing, but if it turns out anything like Eurofighter or Bowman ... :evil:

    Whole thing stinks.
  6. This makes my pi ss boil. we have not managed to meet any of the DPAs, and yet we still reduce our manpower. restructuring proposed by the Army (or the Navy / Air Force for that matter)? I cannot believe that he is trying to feed the country this dogsiht. Doe s he think that we are fools? Clearly so.

    The fact remains that this government can find as much money it wants to fund single-legged lesbian assylum seekers, but when it comes to national security......

    The Prime Minister should be ashamed of himself (although it appears he has none). The Global War against terrorism is supposed to be a priority, so how do we spend our money? And that's our money? On ID cards, because that'll defeat terrorism. And on a new NHS computer system which will no doubt fail, as virtually all other public sector massive IT projects have.
  7. Dogmonkey.

    Youa are band on the mark there. Don't forget the £155m spent on a 6 year investigation into the bloody sunday killings and the £306m on consultancy fees for diddly squat. BrownJobs has got to recoup the money from somewhere so it might as well be the Army

    :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  8. I like the buzzwords sprinkled through out the article, and I especially like the way Hoon has placed the re-org firmly upon the army, as if it wasn't due to budget cuts (the army thinks it's best to do this, and the army has decided the other).
    He also mentions that the soldiers will now be able to spend more time with their families, but considering that for almost all singles and alot of pads to the regiment IS their family this holds no water.
    All in all the spineless toad (he can't possible stand up to the bully which is Godon Brown) has sold everyone down the river.
    Why not make cuts in Govt? Who'd even notice if they did?
  9. Very true - and nor should penny pinching but it does.

    Whoever wrote that article is arithmetically challenged. Four less battalions means more soldiers, more availability, more flexibility? How? The implication is that battalions working up in their new role due to the arms plot can't be deployed. Bouncing spherical objects.

    It's about saving money, saving money, saving money, and saving money but wrapped up in as neat a bit of scrim as you'd find in a Bundeswehr store.

    For once NuLab - try telling the truth. You'll still get beaten up but it'll be for the right reason.
  10. He really needs to log-on more. :roll:

    biffed up the hyphen :oops:
  11. Good points. Of note is the quote that "Honest, cross my heart, it isn't "Smoke and Mirrors"", followed by some of the least camouflaged Smoke and Mirrors seen in the national press in recent years.
    Simply contemptible.
  12. "With increasing normalisation in Northern Ireland, four battalions of infantry will no longer be required there."
    Yes quite.
    PS Er have you told Gerry ?
  13. I wouldn't have put it in so precise language but basically I do agree with you argument.
  14. Doesn't count for very much as G.B runs the MoD :twisted: :twisted:
  15. Reader's letters to the Torygraph about TCH's piece yesterday: