TCH to reveal Browns refusal to purchase Helicopters

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bobthedog, Jan 9, 2010.

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  1. I can't help wondering what the subplot behind this is.
  2. Vengeance

    TCH hates Brown

    I thought is was long established that the shortage of helicopters was because Brown withdrew the funding?
  3. Rats fighting in a sinking ship by the looks of things.
  4. I don't accept that this is just vengence, Hoon is a politician, he must be seeking some sort of advantage.
  5. I grant you that all politician's skulduggery comes with an ulterior motive but I can't see where Hoon is going to gain anything out of this.
  6. Hoon doesnt give a toss, he isnt fighting the next election and is therefore simply giving Cyclops a leaving present.

    The right wing of the Labour party is starting to turn on the left.
  7. It may not be Hoon though. The only link to Hoon in the story is the fact that he had a dispute with Brown in 2002, he has recently plotted against Brown and will soon be up before the Chilcot inquiry. The only link between the three events is being drawn by the Sunday Times.

    What if a third party has leaked these letters? Normally if these letters came out, Brown would get blamed and then it gets forgotten about. But in this case, someone might be reminding Hoon that he now has very little to lose by telling the Chilcot inquiry all about how "Brown stopped me doing this and that". I reckon someone has seen the chance to force Hoon's hand right up Brown's arse.
  8. "If Hoon chooses to disclose . . . . ."

    What an absolute load of bollox - if Chilcot or his fellows ask the question what is Hoon going to do, say he isn't going to answer?

    Really bad reporting based on speculation.
  9. It could be worse, he could have fell asleep.

  10. Indeed, but now we have the horses mouth so to speak confirming it. So Brown really has the blood on his hands…

    My already low opinion of the cvnt has taken a step downwards.

  11. Revenge is a dish best served cold…

    Make a feint at Brown that he defeats and starts to preen himself, then when Brown takes his eye off the ball stick in the dagger.

    The Blairites final act of revenge?
  12. Lieing cnuts, lieing about, lieing cnuts, just another day in the Labour Party
  13. Only if Maj Gen K is talking there :D

    I'm getting my coat
  14. I would guess that vengeance is some part of it. But most likely to my mind is that Hoon is betting that Brown will lose the next election and be dropped by the Labour Party. Labour will look to make Brown a pariah (because he has lost so many votes) and those that can retrospectively be seen to have shunned him will form part of the next shadow cabinet. Thus Hoon can't lose unless Brown is re-elected, or Labour go into complete self destruct and keep Brown after losing the election.