TCH to be appointed Hon Colonel in ACF.


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I was discussing the story that TCH was to be made to give evidence at the inquest into Sgt Robert's death when one of our number informed us that he had heard a rumour, from a bloke with a Cadet Training Team, that TCH is being mooted as an Honoury Colonel for his constituency's cadet force.

I can't say how much substance there is in this rumour but the idea that this turd in the toilet bowl that is the body politic could end up in uniform in a position of some honour is intolerable.

Mind you he does posess a certain low cunning and even he might realise that taking up such an appointment might open him up to meeting people who hold him in contempt and don't mind saying so to his face.
That Cnut Hoon.
Fred_Cat said:
Outstanding plan:

1. Get him into uniform

2. Mobilise him

3. Sit back and enjoy!
1. NO NO NO ! the slime will not come out of the uniform and it would be very distasteful to salute that slug, even if it to the Queen, to say "you salute the rank not the man" is stretching it a bit.

2. Impossible, ACF officers can't be mobilised for war in Iraq or Afghanistan

3. I really feel sorry for the county that is lumped with him, if it does go ahead.
Little 13 year old Tommy comes home from cadets;
"I found out where camp is this year Mommy" Says little Tommy
"Where is that then,Tommy?Anywhere nice?"Ask's his Mom.
"Some place called Iraq" Replies little Tommy innocently....


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Going on from Spikes theme:

Cdt Tommy: Mummy can I have my Chrimbo presents early? I'd like some desert boots and a khaki T-shirt to go to Iraq in.

Mummy: Won't Col Bufhoon be issuing them?

Cdt Tommy: Apparently not - if they issue them to us the Air Cadets might find out about our camp and be jealous so to keep it secret we have to pretend we are not going.

BTW as repulsive as the thought is TCH is already entitled to a salute - the cnut is an MP / minister / and Privy Councilor.
This is a wah, I hope?

If it isn't it is in very very poor taste and whoever is contemplating it has his head up his arrse.

Man's a tosser


Get him on the next big parade that the ACF have. Have him standing up on the podium in full regalia taking the salute and then tell him that some of these kids are going to grow into young adults who will continue to proudly wear that uniform and risk their lives for policies and lies made by c*nts like him.

If ever there was an individual who should turn down the job on account that the uniform doesn't suit him, it's Hoon.

Sad day when he puts one on.
Presumably even ACF officers have to meet the Army's Values and Standards:

Selfless Committment: to put others before yourself

Courage: to face up to danger and do what is right

Discipline: to maintain the highest standards, so that others can rely on you

Integrity: to earn the respect and trust of your comrades

Loyalty: to be faithful to your comrades and your duty

Respect for Others: to treat others with decency at all times

As far as I can see, TCH has signally failed to demonstrate any of these - how could he possibly be considered?
I am with Semper on this one: TCH would probably get the whole lot wiped out on active service- and blame the Cadet Sergeant for it. TCH really is the pits.

Mind you if he did put the uniform on he might find the Mess Pistol made available for his personal use. If he didn't know how to use it maybe somebody could show him.
RFUK said:
BTW as repulsive as the thought is TCH is already entitled to a salute - the cnut is an MP / minister / and Privy Councilor.
Excuse my ignorance, but why does that make him eligible for a salute?
representive of the Queen being one of them as privy councillor
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