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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by woopert, Sep 23, 2004.

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  1. It's just been announced that TCH is going to appear on BBC Question Time next week from the party conference in Brighton.

    If enough of us apply for tickets on the website then some of us should get in. Now wouldn't THAT be interesting? :twisted:
  2. I've applied, please god let me be chosen, I promise not to try and nut him.....honest
  3. Do you really think they'll let anyone in that will ask him the hard questions?
  4. Corporal, I don't know if you have seen Question Time, but it gets pretty lively sometimes, the main limitations on the questions are time and relevance, not censorship.

    I have seen TCH presenting quite well under 'live audience' pressure. Gave a less pompous/lawyerly impression than he tends to give in 'one on one' interview.
  5. What they do is balance the audience by demographics, so when you apply they ask questions about where you live, level of education, professional status, age, and income bracket. They then select a representative number of audience members.

    Imagine if you will about 100 members of this site getting in. There are serving and ex, officers and OR's, educated and those who learned their trade through years of skill and practice. I would say a fair number would get in because the site caters for a wide demographic. Can you imagine the kicking he would get, and the cool veneer would soon go!
  6. Might have changed a little over time, but we went to QT when at 6th form. Questions are submitted and vetted ( by whom?). Difficult unless you swamp the audience with ARRSE members ( not as in "swamp bed").

    I believe that the questions are vetted and chosen by the producer to get "good" TV and are passed to the panel beforehand to allow them to get an answer together. (BTW the same happens even for some rounds in TV panel gameshows like They Think It's All Over, Buzzcocks and Have I got News).

    The only way is to get a question through, and add a suplimentary when you are asked your opinion of the panel's reply.
  7. BBCNI's locally produced version "Let's Talk" suffers regular influxes of Sinn Fein types whove learned the question to ask by rote.
  8. I think you can email questions in to the Beeb!
  9. Spoilsport. You're no fun any more. :D
  10. Nut him....go him! He was looking at your missus :twisted: ....said he wanted to shag her 8O
  11. Said in the Economist last week that if TCH stays in his current post until May next year (expected date of next election), he will be the longest-serving Defence Minister ever.

    Not bad, eh? Amazing how long one can keep a ministerial career going if one forgets about that whole responsibility/honour/resignation hang-up one's predecessors had.
  12. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Go on, he called your pint a poof!
  13. It would be amusing if someone were to mention that TCH is usually unable to remain awake during military briefings.....
  14. I heard TCH say he had shagged Armourer over a desk on at least 2 occasions............said he enjoyed the kidney punching and ended up backing up...............he also said that for all his mouth Armourer couldn,t take him Deep Throat 8O 8O
  15. I've been in the audience at Question Time twice. Its an experience. Dimbleby assures everyone that although the questions are checked (they have to be) they are not vetted. They want topical, challenging stuff. From my experience the audience is packed with geeks and nerds mainly. How they get onto the show beats me but they do.

    The panel are sheilded from you at the start and then led in. There is a "dry run" for the audience before hand with members of the audience standing in for panelists. It can get very lively! The key is get a seat somewhere prominent so Dimbleby can catch your eye. Sadly, I never asked a question, which is quite well because I was boiling mad at the Lib Dem guy once...!

    You can linger at the end of the show once its gone off air and catch the panelists if your quick and speak to them.
    I tried to get Anne Widdicombes mobile number but the wife caught me.... what a girl! The wife that is!

    I would recommend it. Give the cnut hell!!