TCH on question time

Just having a chuckle watching Malcom Rifkin tearing That Cnut Hoon a new arse about Govt debates on the legality of Iraq on question time - Feking class!
It would be nice if all of the panellists on these occasions were respected opinion makers and policy-makers, and were able to make clear statements and rebuttals on the issues put up for debate. Rifkind and Hoon mostly meet this criterion, and last week Heseltine showed us why he should have been given a shot at the top job; why should the worthless gibberings of the guest clowns waste precious air time? One of tonights' guests had nothing much to say at all, and at one question simply said that she had no knowledge of the issue and couldn't speak about it, while the awful journalist just waffled as journalists do. This show lost direction a long time ago, I think when someone in the BBC CoC decided that confrontational debate should give way to inclusional, huggy-kissy nobody-loses nonsense. Round about the time that New Labour decided to emasculate us all.