TCH on Question Time now

I couldn't watch the c*** so I came into the study to see what's happening on my favourite web site.
It was refreshing to see TCH do the same thing with practised skill and ease. He really is superb , no matter what department he is in , or how torrid the questioning , or how bright the studio lights , he can still lie like a drain with consumate and effortless ease.

The funny part is, he really believes we believe him.

Guess what TCH , we don't and you are STILL TC.

Still, nice to see dear old Auntie Beeb and the Labour party coming to his defence and support at the end.

Followed by "This week" and blinkered Liabour Luvvy Tony Parsons. I used to half-rate him , not now. I really thought Clare Short was going to drop him.

What an ignorant tool , "Tony Blair is right and all the MP's were just scoring points" Some nice non-biased moderation by Andrew Neil NOT. The Labour spin machine must really have been calling in favours over the last few days :roll
It was indeed pleasurable to see him getting a kicking from the audience, particularly over the 90 days and Iraq. His only response was to attempt to bully the two ladies with varying degrees of success.
TCH had a particularly reptilian look to him last night; although the lies come easily, I think he actually looked slightly unnerved a few times. I particularly liked the revelation that Rumsfeld didn't rate him.

I was well stoked up by the time Tony Parsons was on, having just watched the local politics program on BBC NI, giving Martin McGuinness chance to spout more drivel. 'The British government this, the British Queen that' - does he not realise that he's as British as I am?


What I particularly objected to yesterday was the way that the few dissenters to 90 days were villified by the local BBC news as ignoring their constituents! CNUTS!!! NONE OF YOU MEDIA MONGS ASKED ME! Havent I got an MP or an opinion?

(apologies for the caps, its only electronic shouting!)
All fair points, but I did enjoy the way he got stuck into the hideous Rhona Cameron when she started her sneering, knowing attack on the police. Stopped her in her tracks.
Rhona Cameron tries too hard to be controversial; last night she sounded rather alcohol-assisted at times. You would have thought the Labour lickspittles would have gone easy on her though, being the token lesbian.

Ms Cameron once appeared in 'The Vagina Monologues', whilst TCH talks like a cnut all the time.
Buff Hoon - what a slippery turd. Body swerved the points raised about the Lairbour Party voting against NI Terrorist Acts. A smug cnut if ever there was one.

Hear Hear That man re Tony Parsons on This Week. Geez! It's not often that Mr & Mrs Q get a chance to agree with the gorgeous pouting Claire Short and Fat. But she's played a blinder this week: launching into our Beloved Leader following 'that vote' and then snarling at Parsons with her plywood teeth. Top bird!
Come on, Claire Short top bird? She's a trainee ventriloquist with a fcuked up attitude to everything apart from foreign aid. Opportunist arrsehole more like. But she was the lesser of the evils on show.

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