TCH on Question Time now 25.01.07


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No questions relating to the Armed Forces yet but it's always entertaining to watch him squirm.
Hoon flustering his slimy way through an Iraq debate question right now...
Hoon: PM has spent a lot of time answering Qs and making absence alright.

Matthew Parris: PM 'Losing his reason'

Other responses: Blair too ashamed to attend...

Woo Hoo -- good stuff!
Fatty Soames: Only time debateed in 3 years. Comparison to Churchill who was repeatedly bringing matters before the house...
The audience not Buying any of TCH snake oil either. Too all those still serving remember that not all of CivDiv is dismissive of the armed forces and take some heart that its also across the CivDiv spectrum too from soap dodging students to Hate mail readers.

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