TCH in T2 of todays times


Geoff could try a little harder to conceal his relish for the military solution.” Did he relish it? “I don’t think I have ever relished a military solution. Because, probably more than any other colleague, I see the consequences.” Why did Cook say it? “I just don’t know. I don’t know the occasion. I don’t know whether I had said something that gave him that view. Robin, for example, was very keen that there should be a military solution in Sierra Leone. So I don’t think you can draw a generality from that observation. Robin and I haven’t always agreed on things.”
I am sitting on my hands.
What I can't believe is tat TCH's Father was a soldier

his father, Ernest, who although he was a railwayman, a reserved occupation during the Second World War, volunteered and served in India and Burma
I wonder what Old Man TCH would say about his son if he was still serving ??
"Son, where is my uniform, ammo, body armour................?"
Hootch said:
I wonder what Old Man TCH would say about his son if he was still serving ??
Old man TCH would say "That piece of sh*t is no son of mine"


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"A marginal irony is that had Hoon’s own credibility not been so dented by the inept military intelligence collected about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction"

What credibility? I didn't know TCH had any. Oh and I was a bit curious about him not relishing going to war -I didn't know he had. I thought it was other people who did that.

Don't tell his dad he is a New Labour Politician and Lawyer - dad probably thinks he does something honourable like play the piano in a brothel....
Because, probably more than any other colleague, I see the consequences.
WHAT!!!!! When did you go to the front line, the Field Hospital and witness the shit and squalor the troops had to endure? You sat on your fat arrse in Whitehall on your £4k chair drinking coffee mopping your fevered brow!

The only time you showed your face was when your position obliged you to go pay respect to the bodies of those servicemen who had fallen at your bequest :evil:

'Would you like to inspect the troops Minister?"


"Minister, are you awake?"

"You are irritating me"

"We would be failing in our duty as an ally , if we did not deploy North"

How many Military bases are there in his constituency?
PartTimePongo said:
How many Military bases are there in his constituency?
Nada, zip, zero...the RSAF in Nottingham is in his travel to work area though, which might explain why the SA-80 was carried on with to the bitter end?
Further proof that TCH is out of his mind !!

MPs deserve more respect, says Hoon

By Isabel Oakeshott, Evening Standard
3 June 2005

Politicians should get more respect, Leader of the Commons Geoff Hoon complained today.
The former defence secretary says the public must stop thinking of MPs as "a bunch of second raters".
In an extraordinary plea, he claimed the image was "grossly unfair".
Mr Hoon - regarded as one of Labour's most unpopular figures - hits out at the public perception of politicians in The Guardian today.
The frontbencher says Westminster is facing a " crisis of respect" and must communicate with voters better.
He plans to hold meetings with newspaper editors and broadcasters to discuss how to improve Parliament's image. Standard
When the bile started rising, and the p1ss began to boil at the mention of the TCH creature's name, I found peace by imagining that I was the policeman in the video elsewhere in Current Affairs, using a Tazer to remove TCH from his ministerial Jag - and I was just the first in the queue....
" In addition I discover that he has a knack that politicians often lack: he listens"
does he??? or did he choose to ingnore the crys for the nessseracry kit

knocking on the door at strange times of the day and asking to see my wife, knowing full well that I wasn’t there.
well that says it all
i doubt that he has ever thought about the feelings of the wifes who got the knocko on the door in the middle of the night

The reason I didn’t cope well with it was because I have a completely separate life in Derbyshire, away from here: children, wife, a home
seperated from london to derby?
what about scotland to iraq?

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