TCH In Basra

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_Fingerz, Dec 8, 2004.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    This is from the BBC:

    Hoon visiting UK troops in Basra

    Black Watch soldiers have returned to Basra from central Iraq
    Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon is to visit UK troops in Iraq, days after the Black Watch battle group returned from a controversial re-deployment.
    On Wednesday he will meet troops stationed in the southern city of Basra during a stay of a couple of days.

    "He will spend as much time as possible with the troops," a Ministry of Defence department spokesman said, adding that the trip had been planned for weeks.

    "It's to pay them a personal visit and view their continued hard work."

    Mr Hoon's trip also comes in the same week the reorganisation of the Army is under review.

    English and Scottish regiments could be cut or merged, prompting campaigners to lobby for the retention of Scotland's six infantry regiments.

    One of those likely to be affected is the Black Watch, whose troops were re-deployed to central Iraq to free up American troops for operations in Falluja.

    His visit is sending a major political message to the Iraqi people and the regional states

    Maj David Gibb

    They returned to Basra at the weekend after a month's re-deployment.

    It is understood that the six Scottish single-battalion infantry regiments could be cut to five, creating a single "super regiment".

    The final decision on Army restructuring rests with Mr Hoon, who is expected to make an announcement in Parliament next week.

    While in Basra, Mr Hoon will meet the city's governor, Hassan Rashid, who he met on a previous trip in June, to discuss preparations for the Iraqi elections on 30 January.

    Major David Gibb, in Basra, said: "His visit is sending a major political message to the Iraqi people and the regional states.

    "A senior British politician is supporting not just the military operations in the country, but also the political process and the rebuilding of Iraq as it moves toward the establishment of a new government."

    The UK has about 9,000 troops stationed in Iraq.
  2. A good coincidence I'm sure, I guess I'm just a born cynic :roll:
  3. Did you see that tit eating breakfast in the cookhouse with some of the Toms, BBC news this morning. Laughing and joking like he was bezzer mates with em all. I suppose in his tiny little mind, if he thinks they all like him then thats ok.
  4. That'll be a treat over breakfast for the lads and lassies at Shaibah. If TCH stays awake long enough, that is. Wonder how much close protection he's got? There are a lot of pi**ed-off soldiers around. Why isn't he off on a skiing holiday anyway?
  5. Lots of lovely photo opportunities to show TCH's caring side, no doubt. The Neue Arbeit spin machine calls, and TCH comes scurrying to do their bidding.

    I wonder if he's visited the BW wounded in Birmingham (or any others, for that matter) to thank them for their hard work - and their legs? :twisted:
  6. No feckin' chance. Limbless soldiers do not a PC Neue Arbeit photo-opportunity make. :twisted:
  7. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Do you think that Mr Keetch will ask another of his wonderful PQs, in this case

    "To ask the SoS if he can give the number of NDs reported in the locations, and at the same time he visited them and what form of recognition has been given to those responsible for the NDs." :wink:
  8. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer