TCH in 3 homes expenses row

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by maguire, Apr 4, 2009.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    ...but that charmer Hoon -

    'Geoff Hoon lived rent free for three and a half years in Admiralty House, London, when he was Defence Secretary responsible for British troops in Iraq. While staying at the palatial building, he earned money from a London property he declared as his main home and then claimed tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayer's money for the upkeep of his constituency home in Derby.'

    so that would be having your cake, eating it, then eating another as well presumably?

    but it's all within the rules, so that makes it OK presumably.
  2. Doubtless it was within the spirit of the rules too, which makes it even more OK for the electorate to throw the bastard out at the next general election.
  3. same old story,different name, oink,oink,pigs at the trough. at least the four legged variety stop when their full,and end up as something we can make use of.
  4. I wonder what Neu Liabour would have made of this when they were the opposition if it would have been a Tory MP with nose in trough.

    Any comment from the Politburo Ashie?
  5. He'll probabally claim it was an "oversight" and blame it all on Maggie as usual! can I lol now or shall i wait?
  6. I remember in 2003, when we we about to 'shoot off' to Iraq, I was sat watching tv, when Hoon said in Parliament something along the lines of soldiers won't have to sign a disclaimer regarding having the myriad/coctail of drugs before they go. Where was I watching this broadcast, the local medical centre. What did I have in my hand? A pen in one and an f'ing disclaimer in the other. Gobsmacked, never trusted them since. Cnut. Hope he dies of CJD.
  7. I've never trusted any professional liar of any political party! All are in it for the money and noteriety,besides,did youever hear of sign nothing,volunteer for nothing,and don't believe a word they tell you? cynical? moi?Skeptical? Moi? you bet! Place you trust in the CQMS ORyour m.p. take your chance!
  8. By the By,Ashie works "works" with the Forces,not in,or has!
  9. WTF your minced, or I am and its making reading difficult.
  10. The link makes dismal reading. Had a couple of cases of that sort of thing here a while back. None of them have the grace to resign. Just lie through their teeth and point to the rule book.
    Moral leadership? Horse's arse more like.
  11. Funny how it's all okay for MP's because it is "within" the rules and yet they want to crucify the ex RBS chief over his pension which is "within" the rules but is apparently according to the MP's against the "spirit" of the rules.
  12. Hoon has always been a bell-end, arrogant shite and he's now been caught 'on the fiddle.' What's most galling is that we (service personnel) would get dragged over the coals if caught in a similar situation and yet Hoon lives rent free in Admiralty House, has a house in London and another in Derby!!! Fcuking cheek!
  13. No no people, we've got it all wrong - after all its legal and by definition correct. Surely this can't be the same party that said about Sir Freds pension that it was legal but not moral?

    The sheer hypocrisy of these pieces of walking excrement astounds me.