TCH gets beaten up in London!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Unknown_Quantity, Jun 7, 2005.

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  1. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Carlsburg don't make news, but if they did it'd be the best news in the world. :D
  2. Tw@T...................I've just opened a botle on the strength of that!!
  3. Oh my ribs, my ribs. That is quality.
  4. absolute class and it wasnt just me who pisssed meself, just think of it might actually mean the uk chav population do something for society!!

    next stop bliar and two blags
  5. Oh to dream .......
  6. Too nice, unlike Oracle thinking that Liverpool wouldn't win.
  7. b*stard, just for a second there......

    Class post/topic.
  8. Any other dream headlines?



  9. just the thought of it makes me warm and fuzzy :wink:
  10. ahh zis can be arranged....

    Subversion anyone ?
  11. [align=center]Able-bodied athlete wins Court of Human Rights appeal to take part in 2008 Paralymics in Beijing - Gold medal now 'in the bag' says British Olympic Committee[/align]
  12. PMSL!
  13. mmm carlsburg

    does it make u an alcoholic if you drink your own pi ss the morning after a session because there is no vodka left in the fridge?

    back to the mmm urine
  14. [align=center]!!!BREAKING NEWS!!![/align]

    [marq=left]...Armed Forces personnel to be exempt tax whilst on operational tours...[/marq]
    [marq=right]...Stamp duty to be abolished...[/marq][marq=left]...Inheritance tax threshold raised to GBP 5,000,000...[/marq]
    [marq=right]..."3 strikes and you're out" gaoling policy to be implemented...[/marq]
    [marq=left]...Any politician, 'special advisor' or civil servant found to be guilty of treason, malfeasance or corruption will be put in stocks at the Tower of London for 3 months followed by public execution…
  15. [align=right][marq=left]!!!Breaking News!!! Large number of Armed forces personel, on popular website, "ARRSE". Actualy sat there and waited to see if this message was important!!![/marq][/align]