TCH denies parliament a say on third runway.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BuggerAll, Jan 16, 2009.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I felt that there was a danger that I was going to find myself agreeing with TCH. But fortunately this arrogant and slippery turd has proved that he is beyond doubt the worst mister in what is a pretty dire collection.

    TCH has decided that Parliament will not be allowed to debate this issue of vote on it because its too important for Parliament and they might get it wrong.
  2. Not Hoon's idea but Brown's, cabinet is split down the middle over this issue, and there would have been some very public fallouts had it gone to full debate and division. It makes environmental rulings that they have passed almost impossible to achieve, really p*ssed Ed Milliband off.

    It is Brown's idea of democracy that is being shown, starting to become a habit, first the Lisbon Treaty now the building of a third runway at an old decrepit airport that has always been in the wrong place, and poorly connected to the rest of the country. The market has already gone to Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Paris, not least of the reasons because it is cheaper to fly from any of those airports than UK due to UK taxation.
  3. You have to laugh or you'd cry.

    I watched Jenny Tonge laying in to Willy Walsh on telly last night. 'The third runway will generate as much CO2 as Kenya', she said.

    'How much CO2 does Kenya generate?' asked Willy. Needless to say, the Lib Dems fearless eco warrior hadn't a clue.

    Later, I had the pleasure of listening to some enviro loon explaining that global warming will melt the ice caps by 2040 and every living thing on the planet would be drowned within the next 30 years. This might be the same guy who wants the government to make it a criminal offence to question whether global warming is man made.

    Enviro loons - nuclear free zone officers for the 21st century.
  4. There is, in my respectful opinion, a serious constitutional point being made.

    Parliament is said to exist to hold executive government to account in a representative democracy. That is the general idea. However, the executive control the business of Parliament. It is the executive who will decide what Parliament will or will not be allowed to debate and vote upon.

    This is a case in which a not insignificant proportion of the population of Southern England will lose their homes, their shops, libraries, shools, churches and cemetaries. They have no say, and no choice. Their MP is the only representative they have and he, nor anyone else is allowed by the executive a vote following a debate on the issue.

    This sidelining of Parliament and democracy has been a growing trend under both parties. There has never been a debate, let alone a vote on the extent to which the television licence fee is actually a tax taken by the Treasury, a proportion of which is paid to the BBC. There is a complete cross-part ban on any disccussion of it in Parliament. There has never been, nor is there likely to be any debate, or any vote over whether and to what extent that the Crown subjects of this country will become a society under total state surveillance in every aspect of their personal lives.

    All of these are decisions taken under the prerogative powers of the state. Such powers are not justiciable in the courts.

    We in Britain live, as Crown subjects in a single-ideology totalitarian state with a population too docile to be aware of it unless it actually impacts upon their daily lives.

    We have the appearance of a democracy (a debate allowed) as a fig-leaf covering the demonstrable reality that the substance of a democratic process (a vote to determine a course of action) is undermined and destroyed.

    Yesterday, you saw it in action in the Commons when an MP out of sheer frustration of being prevented from being allowed a vote on behalf of the people who elected him to Parliament for just that purpose, grabbed the Mace and removed it from it's stand, and, as a consequence disqualified from Parliament for a period of time.

    The Times. Report dated 16 January 2009.
  5. We are fast entering an era of Single Party Politics.
  6. Welcome to the sinister totalitarian state long drempt of by sucessive British governments.

    Big Brother Brown(our unelected PM) knows best,any opposition to this is futile and will be punished by a long spell in the gulag.
  7. One of the few occassions when I have to say the Government have made the right choice, based on the facts and in the face of much (own) opposition.

    Yet they then manage to spoil it by denying Parliament the chance to debate and vote on it. All this will do is provoke more opposition, prompt legal challenges and allow it to ferment as a problem. Why? because they are frightened of public debate and short term embarrassment. What a way to run a country!
  8. Because they know that nearly every Politician will go against them. Which therefore means that it isn't the right choice at all.
  9. I had mixed views about this matter. (I live in Putney). I will only use LHR as a last resort. Gatwick is a short rail journey away. My excellent and low expenses claiming MP - Miss Justine Greening - has been at the front of the opposition to the third runway and I have worried that I might be in disagreement with her.

    Problem solved -

    If the dreadful 'Stalin' Brown is for the expansion it MUST BE WRONG!

    The inept buffoon Hoon is simply an inconsequential mouthpiece, who, as ever, can be relied upon to express his master's voice - whoever that may be at the time!
  10. It would get rejected by Parliament due to a combination of political expediancy and NIMBYsm.

    Extending an already existing airport has got to make more sense than building a new one. Where would it go. The subject has been discussed and studied to death and whilst this happened Hethrow just fell behind other competitors.

    Has anyone been to the village being levelled - it needs demolition asap
  11. The last time I flew into Heathrow, from walking off the plane to exiting the car park took just over 2 hours. Fcuking abismal .

    3rd runway aside. Have they already a 4th runway location in mind? Cause by the time that this one is finished (over spend, strikes, protests, UXB's etc etc) they will be needing a 4th one.

    The extension must fit in with Comrade Brownski's grand plan for complete State Control. You'll be needing that all important National ID Card to use it as well.
  12. Last time I used Heathrow I was flying from Philippines to Amsterdam, only used BA because I had enough airmiles for me and mrs dog to fly BA Business class. We landed at terminal 1 at 05:30, because we were transiting we had to use airport bus between terminals - needing to go to terminal 4 to get the onward flight.

    We couldnt transit the airport because no bus driver had turned in, and then they couldnt find the keys to the doors to let us onto the bus. As a result our onward flight was missed. We had a 3hour transit window and they still couldnt get us across the airport on time. By the time we got to the transit bus it was 7.30 and there were hundreds of passengers waiting for transit transportation.

    I vowed that it was the last time I would use BA or Heathrow, something I have managed for the past 4 years since that problem.

    The airport is in the wrong place to be a major hub airport, necessitating a journey via London if you use the train or tube. All the other major hub airports - Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt have direct and easy access to high speed rail without having to travel into the nearest major city, and direct connections onto the autobahn/autoroute. Heathrow has the M3 or M4 and you have to link on that useless M25 to get anywhere in the country.

    By the time that this 3rd runway is built the other airports will have taken over the major business flight hub role in Europe, not least of which due to the flight taxation rules being created in the UK, where you pay tax on each and every leg of a ticket bought here. Not good if I want to see the Mother In Law as it takes 7 flights!
    I will continue to use Amsterdam as my major onward international airport.