TCH bolts the stable door - 4 years late

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViroBono, May 2, 2007.

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  1. TCH, demonstrating that he is a master of understatement, has admitted that mistakes were made over Iraq.

    BBC News

  2. News, it is?? :?

    And Queen Anne's dead, too, by the way . . . . .
  3. Last 2 paragraphs from the BBC article:
    The man, Blair, clearly is self-deluded. If Lib Dem policy had been followed, the US would have invaded regardless. Or is he suggesting a Lib Dem PM would have had more influence than he at the Whitehouse?

    The only difference is that we would not have been part of the cluster fcuk formerly known as Iraq.
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  5. 'Buff' by name, 'Buff' by nature. Sweet Jesus, Cromwell had the right idea.
  6. I don't think thats true. Bush would have had a lot harder time just going gung ho by himself. With "AN other country" on board it made it a multinational force for the good rather than bush getting his war on the cards!
  7. Blair's decision to follow Bush into Iraq may well have give the 'illusion' (or delusion) of interntaional legitimacy. However, the US was more than prepared to go it without UK participation as evidenced by Rummy's remarks in March 2003.

  8. What a cnut. His master is even more of a cnut for letting huim speak out in this way because now they all, except Robin Cook, look like cnuts!
  9. TCB(lair) is nothing but a figurehead keeping the seat warm before stakeing claim to a backbench - or parkbench!

    I doubt very much that TCH has a future in TCB(rown)'s next cabinet, so is getting in a cheap shot before he disappears into obscurity.
  10. Cuddles, unfortunately (with the exception of one or two) the Tories are no better, having voted for the conflict also.
  11. All those that voted for the invasion of Iraq must share equal responsibility for the wrong decision. However, the Blair government also have to should the responsibility for the decision making as regards to the analysis and prosecution of the war. Big difference!
  12. From the Guardian article:


    Giving the most frank assessment of the post-war planning, Mr Hoon, admits that "we didn't plan for the right sort of aftermath".


    Begs the question - just what kind of aftermath were you planning for?

    F*ck off Hoon, the "planning" that you refer to was non existant. I have never before played a part in such a disorganised cluster that left military commanders having to work off the back of a fag packet for the aftermath, because there was no "framework" - plan, call it, what you will.

    Instead, the British military, played catchup to an American inspired nation reshaping that was made up in realtime. This wouldn't have been quite so bad, bar the fact, that unlike the British government, the US does at least give their' forces the resources that are needed. You send soldiers to an expected chemical war without even enough kit to keep us all alive should it happen, God help the Iraqis.
  13. The post-Bliar repositioning has begun. Hoon is getting off to an early wriggling start.

    Broon will denounce the "cult of personality" at the next People's Congress.....

    Meanwhile, we have a situation in which approximately 150 military personnel have died in a pointless and failed Middle Eastern attack and occupation, executed without thought for the consequences...." a serious failure in exercising judgement, responsibility and prudence". The Prime Minister is on the verge of leaving office, his reputation in tatters and former colleagues queuing up to stick the knife in, with the majority of the public wanting him out.

    Israel, not the UK. The main difference is that the Israelis have had a proper inquiry into their war. No wonder Bliar didn't want one.