TCH at it again

TCH has only mentioned 50% of what is intended.

The remaining 50% is compelling people to vote for the Dear Leader.

My fingers are continually crossed in the hope that TCH turns down the wrong dark alleyway one night and receives what he deserves!
stoatman said:
A democracy where you do not have a choice on whether to vote or not is not a true democracy.
not exactly true.
A Democracy only works if the people vote.
In a true democracy everyone votes on everything.
As already stated, voting is compulsory in some countries already.
I think TCH was advocating something along the lines of the Australian system, ie as pointed out in an earlier post, you are required to turn up at the polling station but you can choose not to mark your ballot paper.

Under a system of electronic voting, something else which TCH is in favour of, it would be possible to include a "no vote" option.

We discussed e-voting earlier in our great ARRSE electoral debate. There were various views but I was rather in favour of an e-voting option for the Armed Forces, as a pilot trial for the rest of the electorate. The fact that TCH has now come out in favour of e-voting is unfortunately not a strong recommendation in ARRSE circles.

In contrast to the arrangements presided over by TCH for the recent election, Australia did enable their deployed personnel in Iraq to vote personally in their last elections. Oh, and their personnel in Antarctica.
From today's Daily Telegraph letters page:

Sir - Geoff Hoon wishes to make voting in elections in the UK compulsory (Letters, July 6). Can this be the same Mr Hoon who presided over the Ministry of Defence at the last election during the fiasco over Armed Services voter registration? The delay in sending out registration documents effectively disfranchised many Servicemen and women at home and abroad. Would we have been subject to Mr Hoon's fines?

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