TCH at it again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by short-fuse, Jul 4, 2005.

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  1. I have just heard on the TODAY programme on Radio 4 that TCH is seriouslt contemplating not voting in elections as illegal. What is it with this government. If they stopped lieing and spinning all the time people might vote. Also if there was any member of parliament who had any charisma.

    Another option he was putting forward was money off council tax bills if you vote. FFS.
  2. A democracy where you do not have a choice on whether to vote or not is not a true democracy.
  3. Mr Hoon will argue that "international experience points to compulsory voting being the most effective way to increase turnout".

    He is a genius.
  4. Thats fine they can make voting compulsory as long as there is a box to vote for "None of the Above" so that voters can show their contempt for people explemplified by TCH.
  5. TCH by name, TCH by nature. He's obviously on a 'Keeping TCH in the Public Eye' tour.
  6. How on earth are they going to enforce this if it ever gets off the ground? I do use my vote, but if I didn't and was forced to use my vote I would spoil it anyway or wipe my arse on it. The sooner that TFCB, TCH and all the other fuckwits get kicked to death the better...
  7. I think everyone should have to go to the polling booths, what you do to the ballot paper after that is up to you. People fought, and died, all over the world 60 years ago so that we have the choice. The least we can do is drag our sorry arrses down the local polling station once every five years! :evil:
  8. Presumably all those service personnel in the gulf who did not receive their voter registration forms in time would now be in trouble :roll:
  9. PieLover"How on earth are they going to enforce this if it ever gets off the ground?"

    In Australia and Belguim it is complusory to vote and it is enforced with an equivalent of a 50 pound fine.

    I think it is beneficial that in times when western democracy is facing unprecedented voter apathy and lack of engagement in the polical system as a whole, the polit is made aware that it MUST vote or at least deface the ballot as a indication of their dismay in the system.

    Failing this politicians and political scientists will continue to cite the apathy as contentment with a system which does not need change or even any attention.
  10. Bloody good point, abacus. And their postal ballots, etc. I tend not to make derogatory personal comments about politicians, but TCH really has surpassed himself this time, advocating compulsory voting after overseeing the forces voting debacle* in the recent election.
    A debate about how to strengthen our democracy is welcome; a bit of controversy does help to stir up interest; but there is an excruciating irony in this coming from TCH of all people. If the Government want to float compulsory voting as an idea, it could equally well have been floated by the Deputy Prime Minister or the Department of Constitutional Affairs.

    I hope Dr Reid takes up abacus's point with TCH in his best tactful Scottish manner.
  11. It is not compulsory to vote in Australia. It is compulsory to attend the voting booth and get your name ticked off from the electoral roll. What you do after that is your business and surprisingly the informal vote is only about 4% on average.

    Plus the voting system is a preferential system which means a candidate must get at least 51% of the vote unlike the first past the post system where you can get elected with under 50% of the vote.

    I think Screaming Lord Sutch would have made a great MP !!!!!!!!!

  13. and in any event, you vote for the one you dislike the least !!!!!

  14. bring back the hustings but provide the candidates with CBA and the voters with shotguns, last man standing wins:D