TCB2 to replace TCB1?


CHANCELLOR Gordon Brown's ambitions to be prime minister received a boost yesterday when two of Tony Blair's allies gave him their support.

Blair loyalists Charles Clarke and Tessa Jowell gave Brown their backing as next Labour leader.

Culture secretary Jowell said: "I believe Gordon will be the next prime minister."

Clarke said Brown would make a "very good" prime minister


Any thoughts? :roll:
The unions are not going to be happy!

Their Golden 'Socialist chancellor' has turned out to be just another new Labour lackey who plans to continue on with Blair's juxtaposition of socialist rhetoric with his twisted socialist version of capitalism.

Gordon Brown faced a bitter reaction from the unions last night after he pledged to press ahead and even intensify the pace of New Labour's modernising programme.

As Cabinet ministers lined up to anoint him as Tony Blair's successor on the opening day of Labour's annual conference in Brighton, union leaders accused the Chancellor of reneging on promises to limit public sector reforms.

Mr Brown will today make clear to the conference that there can be no going back on the reform agenda of the past eight years - and set himself the goal of achieving the "renewal of New Labour" before the next election.

The angry union reaction overshadowed the opening of what should have been a celebratory conference for Labour's third successive election victory five months ago.

Leaders of the main unions predicted that the party leadership could be defeated over plans to increase private sector involvement in the NHS and face challenges over proposals to raise the retirement age for public sector workers.

They were angered by an interview in which Mr Brown set out his prime ministerial vision, promising to continue Mr Blair's reform programme and create a "home-owning, share-owning democracy".

In his conference speech today, Mr Brown will declare that the next election - when he confidently expects to be leading the party - will not be "old Labour versus new Conservatives".

"The next election must and will be New Labour renewed against a Conservative Party today incapable of renewal."

He will dismiss suggestions that at the next election Labour will "abandon reform". Labour's only future was as a party of reform.
As I understand this politician is very popular in the UK. Do you support his views?

Mr Brown wants a "home-owning, share-owning, asset-owning, wealth-owning democracy, not just for some but for all".
Does it mean that present British democracy is rather a democracy for some?

Rt.hon, learned mr.Brown wants to reach his goal by

"putting power, wealth and opportunity in the hands of the many, not just the few".
I suspect that "the few" (mr.Abramovitch for example) are not ready to put their wealth "in the hands of many". Maybe mr.Brown is a dangerous commie or a dreamer?

As to power then I doubt that mentined "the few" are afraid. They know for sure that no matter who would be a PM they would be at power anyway.
A fat Scottish thief said:
a "home-owning, share-owning, asset-owning, wealth-owning democracy, not just for some but for all". they can be eligible for more taxes, and be sent to jail if they are old and can't pay.

Gordon Brown is the worst thing that could happen to this country.
ViroBono said:
"A fat Scottish thief"
I don't know what to say. I wonder, is there anybody who likes mr.Brown?
KGB_resident said:
ViroBono said:
"A fat Scottish thief"
I don't know what to say. I wonder, is there anybody who likes mr.Brown?
Yes, those who stand to benefit from his term as prime minister

The unions, socialists, Public sector workers, Tax collecters, the PC brigade, Those on benefits, those who chose not to work for a living, ethnic minoities and those that prefer a touchy feely government

In contrast, those that contribute most to the country have the most to fear. Large corporations, Business men, enterprenurial individuals, anyone with any object that can be taxed (and some that can't!). We will all pay in the long run

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