Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by meatballsnpasta, Nov 22, 2004.

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  1. Just interested about how much information / training / preparation other otcs get for TCB and TCB briefing. Having just done a 'pre briefing' course I'm interested if everyone gets that or if everyone else is left in the dark. Also has anyone just done briefing / main board? Can you shed some light on what goes on at each stage?
  2. Not sure about TCB, but I got Fuc All help before RCB. Your best bet is to massively over train on fitness, and have an entire A4 rigbound folder full of notes on current events and military knowledge. Look keen as mustard all the time, run everywhere (even right after the assault course when you're hanging out of your arrse). Oddly enough, despite getting loads of specific training before hand, most of the OTC chaps who took my board failed.

    RCB Briefing
    Attend boring presentation about the army
    Brigadier blathers at you about what it is to be an officer
    REALLY long computer aptitude test about "who is the queen's uncles cousin?" and other pointless questions.
    Current events test
    Piss - poor fitness 'test' consisting of a 500m run
    Plaaning exercise
    Brief introduction to assault courses
    A couple of fairly intense interviews (be WELL PREPARED to be torn apart here)
    A medical

    Attend boring presentation about the RCB
    Brigadier blathers at you about what it is to be an officer (again???)
    Fitness test - 44 presss ups, 50 sit ups level 10.2 on the MSFT (v. v. easy!)
    Individual Obstacle course (as many obstacles as possible in 3 minutes - try and get at least one full circuit of the course (or 2 circuits if your mad enough like me))
    F*cking difficult planning exercise
    Even more f*cking difficult 1/2 hour grilling on said planning exercise
    Group discussion on current events
    Leaderless command tasks
    Appointed leader command tasks (arguably the most important part of the board)
    Essay writing (!)
    Three grilling interviews
    Closing team obstacle race
    Brigadier blathers at you about what it is to be an officer (again)
    GO home and sh*t a brick for 24hrs waiting for your results
  3. TCB is unusual in that there are definite seasonal trends, and some times of year there will be wall to wall OTC types, all of whom know each other, and may well have been coached and coached again to get through. You'll notice this especially in late Spring, when the two years-in MTQ2 types will be looking to get commissions for their third year. Typical phrases will give them away as being coached; 'a sense of URGENCY number two', and constant name-dropping of popular leadership theories e.g. reference to Adair's action centred leadership ('task/team/individual) etc.
    Do they get through more often than the aspiring TAPOs and our other soldiers with potential? Possibly. For one they may have been coached and can stage manage their own command tasks etc, secondly, they won't have the handicap of having had the difference between an officer and OR so forcibly drummed into them at CIC and as junior Pte in a section - they won't have the nervous anticipation that comes from being alone and slightly 'at sea'.
    However, DS can differentiate, and - like elsewhere in the army (one hopes) - being in that university educated, probably middle-class (etc) social group is not a passport to success. What's more, you can bet your life that the YOs they preferred in their days in coy command were those who lived and worked locally, were mid twenties and had some roots, and not the 21-22 year old 2Lts every unit has who pi## off to London at the first opportunity after graduating uni.
    Advice - keep calm, authoritative and make sense. Don't DS watch and flap. It's the quality and the timeliness of your interventions, not quantity that counts.
  4. Agreed. Just be yourself and give it 100%. The idea of being trained to pass a selection process which you may not normally get through is seriously flawed, in my opinion, anyway.
  5. The difference between TCB and RCB is TCB doesn't have an opening race. Everything else is the same (or was when I did it).

    Having spoken to DS, they can spot the coaching, and do account for it.
  6. I agree. Look at all those public schools which coach drooling dimwits into easy confidence at Oxbridge interviews. Once there, they revert to drooling type.
  7. Advice on TCB:

    1. What ever you do don't tell the numpty who has fallen face first into the mud at the bottom of an obstacle that it will "do wonders for the complexion darling" no matter how tired, pissed off or in need of a laugh you are...

    The DS just won't find it funny.

    2. Also if the Colonel running the board has a stutter, don't try and finish words for just gets messy (though can be bloody funny five years down the track when you recount the story in the mess) :roll:

    3. Get very fit.

    4. Don't get caught coming out of the female accomodation - no matter how good looking and stupid the bird from the OTC is - again the DS won't find it funny. :twisted:

    5. Don't try and kill the syndicate prat by hanging him from a rope during one of the tasks - this really goes down badly - even if the little c.u.n.t deserved it :twisted:

    6. Be yourself + stand up for yourself - don't let some of the numpties from OTC shout you down. Phrases such as "Thank you for your contribution, but i'm in charge and we will do it like this..." are useful
  8. You won't make it to the mess.
  9. Great, some helpful advice coming through. Thanks all, will take it all with me.
  10. Just Curious.was the venue Glencorse?and the Colonel a Medic?
  11. You can, trust me on this one :lol:
  12. Yes it was at Glencorse, November 1995...but the Colonel was RHF.

    Was one of the best TA weekends of my life, god knows how my syndicate passed, but we all did...ah memories :twisted:
  13. You are right.The Medic Lt Colonel was one of the Sub-board? Presidents or what ever the terminology used that week was.Frightful p1ss-up on the Saturday night by all accounts but not as miraculous as the TCB previous.
  14. Were you there??

    To be honest my memories of the Saturday night are very vague.

    Still annoyed after all these years that we didn't managed to hang that git from Edinburgh OTC though - we came so close too (would have succeeded if the bloody suspension rope hadn't broken!)
  15. Yes.I think I remember the individual concerned.That would have been on the hung-over wet,muddy sunday morning when youths' hopes,dreams and aspirations were being f*cked over by ageing graduates of dismal weekends at Westbury.Happy Days :lol: