I am just applying for TCB at the mo.

Do you have any advice as to what to expect or any good tactics/ideas/revision.

The advice from my OC was 'Be yourself" - great cheers boss ;D


Contact the Adjutant of University of London OTC and get yourself booked on their next Potential Officers Development Weekend. Great insight into the whole process.
Or if you live miles away from London contact the Adj of any local OTC  ;)

Most if not all run a practice TCB for POs from the units within their Bde.

Good luck!
A few of us covered commissions boards in some details. Click ON THIS LINK to see it.
I did it (RCB) t'other week, (passed!)...advice I'd pass on:

Maths: Mine is shocking, but I managed... learn the 6 times table as a priority (6 keeps cropping up)...others just basic knowledge....all the maths questions are simple as long as you think straight (i.e. 30 miles, 3mph etc!!! - remember someone on my briefing back in November got so worked up he couldn't think of 10 miles at 10 mph! - so stay calm!)

Group discussion CONTRIBUTE. they are not terribly interested in your ideas as long as they arn't absurd...just say something...

Leader command tasks...EXPLAIN the plan, and don't be scared to take advice... leaderless CONTRIBUTE but don't keep pressingh your idea at the expense of other may see it as brilliant, but it may not be.

Interviews - absolute doddle

Planning ex - there is space for 5 or so plans SO FILL IT UP!! even if 3 of them are slight variations of each other (mine were), even if are blingingly obviously crap, it shows you have considered options and deduced the best on.

When quizzed about the planning ex, don't go changing your plan every 3 seconds when something comes to light that you've missed, just say 'ah...missed that' rather than stumbling on pretending you hadn't missed it. (digging out of hole et al..)

read a decent broadsheet every day (torygraph is good!), and you'll be sorted.

Oh, and get fit! :D

Good luck!

Did my TCB in '99. It was a piece of piss. Only problem being that it is a bit of a lottery.

A number of good candidates failed and some muppets passed - TACC028 showed where all the muppets go, and pass!
Stonk, did mine in 99 as well.

Seem to remember the World's Fattest PO who was trying for an Army Cadet Commission on my TCB, and a guy who was a Barrister, HAC and whose Father was big style Army. Very nice bloke, but no way was he ever going to fail :D

Wonder what he's up to now?

Which muppets are you refering to? Just concerned as I was on TACC028 too..



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When I did mine a few years back the physical side of stuff was really just the 400m run (which can't have had much of an impact on my success!) and the individual assault course.

The main point of the latter is more to test your determination rather than skill; the obvious points being never give up and always dive head first through the open window obstacle!
Just a quick question.

On the RCB Main Board how much time are you given to attack the individual obstacle course?

Thanks again,

P.S. I passed the Briefing Cat 2(6) - 6 months to get fit!


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Guppy_two__zero said:
...The advice from my OC was 'Be yourself" - great cheers boss ;D
Best advice possible, old chap!

In other words, relax and accept the outcome largely as an issue of fate, before you start. If you do, you are more likely to enjoy the experience. If you do that, you will appear at the most relaxed, happy and capable you can be, and your performance will reflect this!

These sage words were given to me and many other officers who were all successful. In turn, I passed them on to many soldiers who were subsequently commissioned.
spearmint_rhino said:
Just a quick question.

On the RCB Main Board how much time are you given to attack the individual obstacle course?
Dunno, can't remember from my RCB, except that it was on day one and we had maybe five minutes each??

'Be yourself' is really good advice (especially if you want to fail!). Seriously though, get a subscription to 'The Week' magazine. This is a great help.

Best of luck.
You're given 3 minutes to tackle the Main RCB obstacle course. You have to complete each obstacle properly, then use the remaining time to attempt as many others as possible. Once you've done one lap, you can repeat the same obstacle for the remainder of the 3 mins. It did seem a very lond 3 mins though.
They like it if you can do the wall more than once.
I don't know why, it's just one of those things.
RCB = Random Commisions Board, its a bit of a lottery they like you or they dont.

If you fail and come back they see that as a good thing.

another good one to leanr is knots.

No one in the group is good at these if you are then youve got a job for every command task

learn loads of different ones.

On the board you do a BPFA but stop at the required level.

10.2 on the bleep
42 p ups
50 odd sit ups its a doddle

no more heaves either.

Good luck hope you do better than i did.

But iam dull and like bird watching!!!!
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