Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Parry, Apr 5, 2005.

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  1. Hi,

    I believe you get 2 attempts at RCB, just wondering if TCB counts as an attempt for example if you fail TCB then you have one shot left at either TCB/RCB.

    Obviously if you fail TCB theres no point in going to RCB.
  2. Current plans are to merge the two into a single Board. I honestly don't know when this is coming into effect, but it may well be within your timespan.
    What this means is a consistent level of competence to be both a regular and TA officer.
  3. Sounds like the ideal option, thanks for the info.
  4. Ideal option? It'll be the only option soon! :D
    When are you planning to go to T/RCB?
  5. I've heard TCB is harder to pass.
  6. I was meant to go to TCB in January but due to an injury I couldnt, so I'm just going to kill 2 birds with one stone and do RCB. The briefing in Easter 2006 and Main Board in Summer.
  7. 'Harder' may not be the word, but certainly what is wanted of a TA officer may be considered more demanding in a different way. As a regular officer I welcome more commonality in order that neither TA nor regular officers are undermined by any negative comments about one from the other.
  8. Ok, so a fair while off yet. Might I recommend browsing the Officers' Forum here on ARRSE. It's got a lot of threads with regards to RCB and the briefing.
  9. If you pass RCB you will still have to attend and pass TCB.
  10. Are you sure about this? I passed both, but remember people at TCB telling me I was wasting my time because I had RCB scheduled for the following month.

    Any experts around?
  11. Aww poor show, thats not what I was told in December ach well I'll dunno what I'll do then.
  12. EAND, recent guff and chuff from two brigades and an ACLO seem to indicate that a RCB pass allows you to skip TCB.
  13. Yeh I got told that too, even if thats not the case I still believe if you've sat RCB and passed you should at least be able to skip the TCB Briefing.
  14. RCB pass qualifies as TCB pass for TACC.

    TCB pass does not qualify for Reg Course.

    IF pass standards are different it's because of different DS. Purely subjective whether one is harder than the other and about as valuable a debate as whether TCB #1 was more or less difficult than TCB #2. (i.e. not valuable at all!)

    The advice I give my POs is that if they think they may eventually go for a Reg Commission they should do RCB.
  15. Yeh I plan to go Regular in 2007 so RCB is the way to go but I also want to get my TA Commission before that for some 'experience' so I would have to sit TCB sooner than that obviously.