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After many years in the "other ranks" both regular and now ACF (I understand you don't like us very much....!) I have decided its time to move onwards and upwards, and have decided to put myself forward for ACF Officer Selection.

Well as part of this I will have to pass the TCB - any ideas and info would be very usefull?

Tango 34
It's been about 8 years, but I was once on the board for a TA TCB as it was called.

All the TA, ACF, CCF types are on the same board and to be honest I was scared by the low quality. The only decent ones were those who were using it as a rehearsal for the real RCB.

I had to question why so many socially inadequate middle aged men wanted to spend their time with pre-pubescent boys - and no this is not a jaded p take of the TA - it was genuinely dodgy.

You take part in command tasks so try to be in control rather than in a panic - exude confidence to the rest of the team and be encouragting not critical. Take time to think.

You take part in a guided discussion and in a planning exercise.
Do not fret it. If you are an ex-regular and have kept reasonably fit you will breeze it.

Sorry not to be more positive but you have to call it as you see it.
I sat a TCB some years ago.

What REALLY got my goat what the farking OTC types. They had been clearly schooled as to what to do; example; you will be stood in a circle and given a subject to discuss, eg. fox hunting.

On being told to begin, every one of them took a step forwards - ie to dominate the discussion. Did'nt twig at the time but my blood still boils.

Please please PLEASE, if you see them doing this, ask the little sods to take a step backwards and rejoin the circle. THis should get you Brownie points and more importantly, put the little sods off. Its not competitive; if you are all good enough, you will all pass and vice versa.

pleeease do this and let us know the results!


Thanks all, followed any help given, and have been selected to go forward and take TCB sometime next year.

Need to fit in a TA Build up weekend before then, so here we go again "Anyone got any ideas that might help!"..........................??
Tango34 said:
Thanks all, followed any help given, and have been selected to go forward and take TCB sometime next year.

Need to fit in a TA Build up weekend before then, so here we go again "Anyone got any ideas that might help!"..........................??

Congratulations on being selected for TCB. I hope your ACF County actually stick to the decision of TCB. One I used to be attached to sent people on TCB, and if they failed, commissioned them anyway 'cause their face fitted'. Anyway...

Something which might be useful to do would be to get attached to your local UOTC and do MTQ2 - when I did it we had a Cadet 2Lt do it with us for general experience. Not only will it get you into the frame of mind that will help you with the Plan Ex and stuff like that, but will expose you to up to date doctrine (something that you've probably noticed the ACF isnt too keen on).

I did TCB about a year and a half ago. Couple of peices of advise:

a) On the leaderless tasks, don't dominate it, lets others contribute, but make a contribution and help the team. If there's a particuarly quiet member of the group try to include them in it - you'll pick up extra brownie points for this - and think before you act. Try and avoid what's been described as the 'NCO' way of doing things.

b) On the group discussion don't hog the floor, let other speak and respect their views. Again if someone is particuarly quiet try bringing them in, for example, "Number 6, what's your view on that." Again extra brownie points.

c) On the Plan Ex, remember you only have a limited time, so get as much as you can down on paper in the format that is given to you in the pre-board literature. When you get quized about it by the DS don't bull shit. If you don't know say as much and maintain eye contact with the DS. If they spell BS, they'll keep hammering away at it to see how you respond to pressure and stress. Also, it's handy to get the Distance-Time-Speed equation down pat so you can do it in your head on the hop when you're told to come up with a completely new plan!

d) Don't get too pissed on the Saturday night - the DS expect this and look forward to seeing how sensible you can be with alcohol come Sunday morning.

e) When it comes to your command task on the Sunday morning, come up with a plan, and brief it to your team. ASK THEM FOR IDEAS. If someone has a better plan than you, use it, but make it your own (basically by repeating it back to them). Appoint a time keeper and get them to remind you every minute or so. Whatever you do, don't touch the command task. If you start handling planks, you've pretty much failed. Be prepared to change the plan on the hop if it doesnt work. And expect the task not to be completed, but maintain a sense of urgency. Use the command tools (which are = planning; briefing; controlling; supporting; informing; evaluating).

Hope that helps!

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