TCB and RCB to become as one

Discussion in 'Officers' started by steptoe, Sep 28, 2005.

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  1. Now I don't know how true the rumours are, but I have heard they are to become the same thing?

    I would like to know when if this is going to happen so I don't book a TCB around this time. Seems a little strange to ask TA POs to book just about a whole working week off?

    If they are combined does that mean one pass give access to all areas (TACC and RCC)?

    What's going to happen to cadet POs? 4 days seems excessive no?

  2. TCB will remain at weekends, run by TA for the TA, and RCB will carry on during the week. Testing and standards will continue to be identical. Only difference is that if you pass TCB and have your commission confirmed after 2 years then you won't have to do an RCB to tranfer to the Regs.
  3. Sorry Abacus,

    Looked but couldn't find. Thanks for the info